Can Weep Screed Be Installed Vertically?

Weep screed is installed along the bottom of stucco walls and is what they were designed for and these will usually run horizontally along the bottom edge of the walls. Is it possible to run a piece of weep screed vertically on the wall, or is it just supposed to be run horizontally?

It is true that weep screed will run horizontally along the bottom of the walls in order to allow the stucco to drain any water that it will absorb, through the weep holes that run along the bottom of the weep screed.

That is what it is designed for and is a much better alternative to allowing water to just sit in the wall, creating a huge problem.

Can You Install Weep Screed Vertically?

Yes, weep screed can be installed vertically on a wall but will still be located along the bottom of the wall, in situations where the foundation steps up and a vertical piece is needed to compensate for that step.

Foundation Step Up With Vertical Weep Installed

This is pretty common on most jobs I come across, where the weep is used vertically like this. You might also see the weep ran at an angle if the foundation steps up, as it is quicker to go this route, but a vertical piece is the correct way to go about this.

Other than a foundation stepping up, you will never really use weep screed in a vertical application, most of the time. You may have to install weep along stairs and if you do have to undertake this tedious process, you will end up running a lot of vertical pieces.

What Metal Is Around Exterior Doors?

On exterior doors, around electrical panels and other areas, you may notice what looks like weep screed but in fact, it is actually plaster stop, not weep. Plaster stop is "J" shaped and does not have weep holes and is designed to be used as a screed only.

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