Exploring The Different Weep Screed Dimensions & Options!

There are a few different weep screeds out there and they are made from different materials and have different options available, specifically the dimensions. You should know a little bit about the different weep screed dimensions to make sure you order the correct pieces for your project. Let's get right into it!

Standard Weep Screed Dimensions...

Standard weep screed dimensions will be 10 feet in length, have a back flange length of 3-1/2" and a ground width of 7/8" for a 3 coat stucco system and 1-3/8" for a 1 coat stucco system.

These are the "standard" dimensions of weep screed and is the most common used nowadays. There are different options when it comes to flange length and ground dimensions, depending on the manufacturer, which we will go into more detail about next.

Standard Weep Screed Dimensions

Different Weep Screed Dimensions & Manufacturer's Options...

It is important to touch on the fact that there are a couple of different manufacturers of weep screed and they can have different options and styles to choose from, when comparing the same style of weep.

For instance, if we look at two different manufacturers (Stockton and ClarkDietrich) and look up the options for the #7 weep screed, we can see different options that are offered.

Stockton Products: If we look at the two images below from Stockton Products website, we can see that they off three different flange sizes and seven different ground width options. The flange sizes range from a standard 3-1/2" flange, a 4-1/2" flange or a 5" flange.

The larger flanges are not usually used most of the time, but can come in handy if you want a little more metal flashing along the bottom of the walls, want to hang the weep down a little further on the foundation or want to span a gap of some sort.

The seven different ground options range from 1/2" and go all the way up to 1-1/2 inches. The 7/8" ground would be used for a three coat stucco system and the 1-3/8" ground would suit a one coat system that used a 1" foam.

There are also some additional options when we look at the different finishes that are available like: Aluminum (A), Copper (C), Galvanized Steel (GS), Bonderized (BN), Galvalume® (GVM), Stainless Steel (SS) or Zinc (Z). Galvanized steel is what is commonly sold and in stock, as the other metals will usually have to be special ordered.

Stockton Products Weep Dimension Option Legend


Stockton Products Weep Dimension Options


ClarkDietrich: When we look at the options for ClarkDietrich, we can see only 5 ground depth options available and one flange size specified. The ground size options range from 1/2" and go up to 1-3/8", with the 7/8" and 1-3/8" sizes being the most commonly used today.

They also offer a solid flange without nail holes present, which I prefer because it acts as a flashing material too. Some back flanges have many holes in them, which makes it easier to nail because you don't have to nail through the metal itself, just find a hole and nail through that. A pure zinc alloy version is also offered instead of the galvanized steel.

Clark Dietrich Weep Screed Dimension Options


Other Manufacturers: There are a number of other manufacturers that I did not mention and they too have their own dimensions available. They all seem to carry the standard sizes (or very close) and then other options for masonry applications that tend to be thinner and when using a rainscreen in the stucco assembly, which more clearance is required.

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