About Me

Hello and welcome to The Stucco Guy, your comprehensive online resource for everything stucco. My name is Ryan and I have been doing stucco installations, demolition and repair for over 20 years now and am blown away about the lack of information out there regarding stucco and its components. So I decided to make this website, in order to try and change all of that!

My Story: I was 17 years old and needed a job, so I was searching through the newspaper and found an ad that was hiring for an apprenticeship for a local stucco company (thanks to my grandad). I remember calling and talking to the owner of the company and then arranging to meet him in person.

I drove to his shop and met him and he asked me a few questions and then the last question he asked me was how old I was, to which I replied... I am 17 years old. 

He chuckled to himself and said okay, I am willing to give you a try, meet at this location tomorrow at 6:00 am. He later told me that he didn't think I would make it through the day!

Me at 21 Years Old

 Me at 21 Years Old

It was the middle of July in California and I remember that day so clearly, it was 105 degrees (F) that day and is why we needed to start so early. My task for that day was to carry cement to the roof to the plasterers that were spreading a large chimney. I did that all day and it took everything in me to keep pressing on, but the rest is history!

Present Day: Since that first day, I have had a keen interest in construction, in general, but stucco seemed to resonate with me more, probably due to the fact that it is a bit more artistic, especially when it comes to finishing stucco.

I have been doing stucco ever since (more than 20 years) and am now a licensed contractor based in Northern California. I own a small company that focuses on smaller stucco projects, but we do larger projects from time to time, too.

Me and The Mrs.

 Me and the Mrs.

Working on projects allows me to show you what I do, giving you an over-the-shoulder look at the different processes. There are so many facets to stucco, especially when you consider the different systems out there and all of the phases that make up each of these systems.

Me Mixing Up Stucco In Container
Me On Scaffolding
Me Installing Lath
Me Spreading Scratch Coat

I wanted to make this website, but had to learn all about websites and what makes them work and found another passion of mine, during that process. So now two of my passions are combined in the form of this website: The Stucco Guy!

My Goal For This Site: I really wanted to focus this site’s “main goal” on educating people about every aspect of stucco, including materials, the different systems, application techniques and everything in between. Lath and plaster is a trade that has been misunderstood for far too long by many homeowners and contractors alike, and I am hoping to change that by creating this website. It will be a long process, but I think it will be well worth the effort, besides, I have a lot of fun doing it too, so it’s a hobby of mine at the same time.

By providing you with DIY tutorials, visual guides and an informational blog, we can change that and promote the use of exterior stucco on your home. I eventually plan to offer a handy contractor’s section for those of you who would rather have the work done for you.

I thank you for visiting me today and welcome you to come back often. Your opinion matters, if you have a questions or concerns, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you.