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LaHabra’s Color Visualizer (Standard Colors)

​Stucco Color

​Trim Color

​​Tip: Hover over the color swatches (squares) to see the name and number of ​LaHabra's Standard color choices. The colors are arranged by color number, starting with the smallest number first (​X-12 Chablis) and ending with the largest color number (​X-830 Clay). LaHabra's Standard Colors can be used for both standard cement based finish coats and acrylic (according to LaHabra). You can find their standard color collection here.

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LaHabra Exterior Stucco Color Coat
LaHabra Perma-Flex Acrylic Based Stucco

The traditional colors or standard colors are for many different LaHabra products including:

  • Exterior Color Coat
  • Alegra II
  • Perma-Finish
  • Fog Coat
  • Platinum Plus
  • Perma-Flex

​The standard LaHabra colors will work for both cement based and acrylic finishes and is also used for many of their other products, as you can see from the list above. You can always head on over to LaHabra's website for more information on what the above products are and how they differ from each other. The color chart that has the standard colors chips, also has LaHabra's Premium Lifestyle colors on the opposite page but share the same color chart.

​*** This tool is to be used for educational purposes only. The colors displayed on this tool may vary depending on ​independent monitor settings and other factors. Colors that are printed from ​using this tool may differ from the actual colors. The actual color of the applied stucco product will vary due to ​many different factors​. The final selection must be made from the actual finish product and applied by the applicator/contractor under actual job conditions to ensure color ​accuracy.