Omega Stucco ColorTek Colorizer Tool

Stucco Color

Trim Color

Tip: Hover over the color swatches (squares) to see the name and number of Omega's Colortek color choices. Your selected color(s) will also show in the box below the main image. The colors are arranged by color number, starting with the smallest number first (10 Omega White) and ending with the largest color number (438 Mojave Sunset).



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Omega ColorTek Product

This color visualizer tool is for Omega Stucco Products and is intended to use for their ColorTek Finishes (cement based finish) and will help you get a better "overall" feel of how the colors will look on a larger project. 

These colors will also work for their OmegaCoat (fog coating product) and for their Travertino line of products as well (according to Omega). I would recommend getting a color chart yourself from Omega's website so you have a more accurate representation of what to expect. Or you can always view their colors online, but note that there are some variations from their color chart and the colors shown online and is a much less accurate representation of the actual colors.

*** This tool is to be used for educational purposes only. The colors displayed on this tool may vary depending on independent monitor settings and other factors. Colors that are printed from using this tool may differ from the actual colors. The actual color of the applied stucco product will vary due to many different factors. The final selection must be made from the actual finish product and applied by the applicator/contractor under actual job conditions to ensure color accuracy.