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How To Scratch Coat A Cinder Block Wall

How To Scratch Coat A Cinder Block Wall, Just In Case

Usually you won’t need to apply a scratch coat to a cinder block or cmu wall but in some instances like installing stone veneer, you will need a good base for the material to stick and a scratch coat

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stucco scratch coat mix

Stucco Scratch Coat Mix, A Simple Recipe

The stucco scratch coat mix is a simple recipe that really consists of sand, cement and water. There are other formulas that you can use but in its simplest form it is merely a 3 to 1 ratio of sand to

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Three Coat Stucco

An Overview Of The Three Coat Stucco Process

It is very common to find the three coat stucco process in many of today’s modern homes. It is highly water resistant and very structurally sound, consisting of about an inch thick layer of cement on

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