Where Can I Buy Stucco Materials?

Where to Buy stucco materials

​Trying to find a place or places to buy stucco supplies can be difficult sometimes, especially finding all of the materials you need in one place...


That's where you have to know where to buy certain items, which suppliers have what and son on. This is exactly what this article is going to be about. Lets get started and see where we end up...

Places To Look:

Hardware Stores: Naturally a lot of people wonder if larger home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes have any stucco materials because they are familiar with the store and go there from time to time.

Stucco Suppliers: Stucco suppliers are usually the go-to place for everything stucco. They will have all of the material you need, usually the tools to match and if they don't have it, they can usually order it in for you. They are also smaller and more personable (in most cases) which is a lot more helpful if you have a few questions.

Online: There are some things you can find online, which we will go into later on in this post. The selection can be pretty good and the prices can also be competitive but you won't get to hold it in your hand before you buy it, so it will have a little mystery to it.

Where To Find Lath Materials:

Lath materials are probably the hardest things to find out of all of the stucco processes because there are so many different kinds of wire, paper, fasteners, etc.

Hardware Stores: The larger hardware store (and smaller ones) will usually have some lath materials but not everything you need. A good example of this is when I go to Home Depot and will be able to find paper but it will only be single ply and it will usually be way more expensive than any regular stucco supplier.

They will also have only one type of wire, usually the three coat wire but won't have the thinner gauge one coat wire or the foam that is used. I have also never been able to find high rib lath (metal used for ceilings) in any of these stores, so I will usually have to go somewhere else.

​I have not had very good luck at hardware stores for lath (in general) but if you are doing a three coat system, then you may be able to find most of the items you need, depending on the location.

Stucco Suppliers: Your best bet is to go to a stucco supplier for lath materials because they will have the two ply paper, an assortment of wire, all of the weep screed and plaster stop you need and everything in between. You will likely be able to get everything you need and it will oftentimes be cheaper too.

What About Base Coat Materials?

Base coat materials are pretty much available at either place, a stucco supplier or a hardware store. The only difference is the selection of materials that are available, the sand selection and price.

Hardware Stores: You can find ​base coat materials in some form or another at most hardware stores. Usually Portland cement, lime and sand will always be in stock and is essentially the main ingredients used when making your own base coat recipe.

Some stores will carry a specific stucco manufacturer's products and they will usually have a base coat from that manufacturer.

Lowes, for example carries LaHabra products and you can find a fastwall basecoat. You will also have the choice to choose from a sanded or unsanded mix which is basically the difference of the material having sand inside the bag (pre-mixed, just add water) or a concentrate (add sand and water).

Stucco Suppliers: ​A stucco supplier will have two or more stucco manufacturer's products that they carry, including some of their specialty base coats. The variety is much better and the cost is usually equal to or better than hardware stores.

Sanded and concentrate base coats will be available as well, just like at hardware stores but will more choices to choose from.

A Note On Sand: Sand can usually be bought at either location and it will usually come in the form of a bag of some sort. Home Depot has different sands to choose from but they are usually not graded so it will be harder to find a fine, medium and coarse sand that is clearly marked.

Suppliers, on the other hand, will usually have graded sand in fine, medium and coarse and will likely be able to help you choose one for your application. Stucco suppliers will also have bulk sand available, in most cases, which is cheaper than bagged sand and is usually an ASTM approved sand that will work nicely for the base coats.

Landscape yards are probably the best place to buy bulk sand. They will oftentimes have the best prices for the sand itself and will usually deliver the sand for a small fee (depending on your location). Just make sure the sand is a plaster/masonry sand that is okay to use (usually has been washed and screened) with stucco base coats.

Wh​ere Do I Buy Foam Trim For Stucco?

​The foam trim pieces that are used on stucco walls are really a specialty item that you will not find at any hardware store. In fact, many stucco suppliers will ​usually stock standard foam pieces like 2x4 foam, 2x6 foam, etc. and will have a good amount on hand. 

Most suppliers don't make the foam though and usually order it through another supplier so if you want a specialty potshelf piece (decorative piece below windows) then you will have to place an order and wait for the pieces to be made.

​How About Stucco Finish Coat Material?

​Finish coat material will be available at either a hardware store or a stucco supplier but there are different options, mainly between the colors available, aggregate used and other options.

Hardware Stores: ​So hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes will have one or two stucco finishes to choose from but will usually be lacking in the color options. You can usually find the premixed finish in a white or grayish-white base and a few color packets to choose from but nothing special.

You will also not be able to choose the aggregate size you want in most cases because of the limited choices. I have never seen an acrylic stucco finish product sold at these locations either, just the traditional (cement based) finishes, so another thing to keep in mind.

Stucco Suppliers: ​A stucco supplier will have any type of finish you can imagine. Smooth, medium and coarse products will be available and if not stocked, then can be ordered in a matter of days, usually.

You also have the ability to choose from a variety of colors from the manufacturer's color charts of the companies that that stucco suppliers uses. You can also get a custom color matched color ordered and made to use on your stucco walls if you don't see one you like on a color sample.

You can also choose from the acrylic and specialty product lines of the stucco manufacturing companies and order products in, if they are not already in stock.

​Where Can I Buy Stucco Tools?

​Buying stucco tools is a bit challenging because it seems to be a hit and miss venture. Stucco suppliers will have many of the tools you need in stock and will vary depending on which stucco supplier you go to, the inventory can be very different from one supplier to another.

​​Stucco suppliers will usually have the specialty tools you need for stucco that hardware stores will not like a go-devil, darby, hard rubber floats, stainless steel trowels, etc.

​Home Depot and Lowes will have some tools (depending on location) available, from what I have seen. My local Home Depot carries hawks, trowels, margin trowels, pointer trowels, mixers and floats. The tools are usually minimal though and not a whole lot of selection, in most cases.

Amazon is also another great place to look and you can find a lot of tools there at a competitive price with a decent selection as well.

​Where Can I Buy Stucco ​Patch Materials?

Patch materials can be divided into different categories and each type can be found at different locations. For instance, the small pre-mixed patch compounds that use an acrylic base are great for very small patches but larger patches may require a bagged material, like a rapid set product.

Online: You will likely find a better assortment of pre-mixed (acrylic based) stucco patch materials in an online environment like Amazon because they are small enough to easily ship, so there are tons of different products to choose from. No bagged patch mixes for base coats or finishes are available yet, as far as I have seen.

Hardware Stores: Home Depot and Lowes will also carry the pre-mixed (acrylic based) stucco patch materials but usually only one or two different brands. They will have a premixed (sanded) bag of stucco base material in most locations that is usually in the form of a rapid set type of material.

Stucco Suppliers: Stucco suppliers might carry the pre-mixed (acrylic based) patch materials but they will be more likely to carry a bagged patch mix for stucco base coats and finishes.

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