Can I Stucco Before Sheetrock Goes On?

Can I Stucco Before Sheetrock Goes On (1)

Construction projects can be chaotic at times, having to juggle all of the different contractors, choosing materials and all of the other decisions. Another thing most people don't think about is the order that the processes must go in, like stucco and sheetrock, for example.

Usually sheetrock will be hung after the lath portion of the stucco is installed but what if timing does not allow that? Is it okay to hang the sheetrock afterwards?

Can Stucco Be Installed Prior To Sheetrock Being Installed?

The answer is yes, sheetrock can be installed after the stucco is installed, if you have to go that route. Just make sure that the sheetrock is hung with screws and minimal nailing is used to prevent more cracking on the stucco than is typically normal.

The biggest reason that sheetrock is hung prior to the stucco base coats being applied is to eliminate possible cracking issues that might be caused in the drywall hanging process.

How Sheetrock Is Typically Hung...

Sheetrock will typically be hung with nails because it is the easiest and fastest way to get it up. Now some companies just put a few nails in to hold the sheets and will come back later to screw off the remaining areas but you never know.

Other companies may just use screws to hang and secure the drywall in place, using no nails at all, while other companies might hang their drywall using only nails, you never know.

If nails are used to hang the drywall, then think of the vibrations that take place in the walls while this is going on and then think if you had your stucco already installed and how those vibrations could lead to more cracking than what is considered "normal".

What Is The Order In Ideal Circumstances?

Typically the order of stucco and drywall will coincide and will need to be scheduled accordingly to get the best possible results.

Stucco lath is applied first to prevent any water intrusion into the building, that might damage interior materials. Then the sheetrock is hung and secured, making sure all of the nails/screws are installed.

After that, the stucco can resume and all coats of the process can be applied, all the way through to the finish (completed). The drywall can also be taped and textured at the same time the stucco is being done, so no one needs to wait on another person at that point.

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