39 Outdoor Stucco Fireplace Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

Amazing Outdoor Stucco Fireplace Ideas You Have To See To Believe

An outdoor setting is not complete without a stucco fireplace! Gathering inspiration from others who have already had them built is a good place to start looking for ideas, so you can come up with the perfect concept for your ideal fireplace.

I have compiled some of my favorite picks from around the web to give inspiration to people who want one for themselves. Enjoy!

Lace Stucco Textured Fireplace With Brick Accents


This is a shorter, adobe style fireplace that has a heavier lace stucco texture and brick trim that really flows together nicely.

A Simplistic Adobe Type Of Design


This is a much larger adobe fireplace example with ample seating for many guests, without using a single chair! The texture seems to resemble a medium sand type of finish, which compliments the overall style.

A Larger Outdoor Fireplace


As you can see, this is a mixture of stucco and rock but it really stood out and offers a unique and custom look. Be sure to pick the right colored rock that matches the stucco.

A More Intricate Design


This example is quite elegant and has a ton of detail and personality to it. There is trim used everywhere, two large corbels and even a touch of metal.

A Must Have Fireplace For The Patio


This is a great example of a built-in fireplace that can make a covered patio into its own outdoor room and create a space all its own.

A Clean White Stucco Fireplace On An Outdoor Patio


This outdoor stucco fireplace has a unique look that gives off a sort of “cottage type” of feel and its overall minimalistic and relatively simple design really makes it stand out.

An Older Example With Stucco And Brick


This particular fireplace is a bit older but still has some rustic appeal to it that many folks like. The simple texture, along with the brick make for a seamless transition.

A Very Modern Double Fireplace

A Very Modern Double Fireplace

An Exquisite Seating Area With Fireplace

An Exquisite Seating Area With Fireplace

An Interesting Design


This is not your ordinary fireplace, the rectangular shape allows it to fit nicely in areas that couldn’t accommodate one. Not sure how much heat would come out of it but the design is fantastic.

A Tall Outdoor Fireplace Example With Foam Trim

This is a great example of a more modern design with a Mediterranean flair to it. The stack is very tall and the colors compliment the style, I could see this type of fireplace being popular.

A Clean And Simplistic Look To This Outdoor Stucco Fireplace


This is probably the most simple outdoor fireplace in the lineup and is one of my favorites.

The tile is a nice touch and the way it is flush with the stucco makes them integrate almost seamlessly. The color is clean and sleek too.

A Very Simple Outdoor Fireplace With A Ton Of Stone


I like how much rock was used in this example and where the rock is placed along the edges and surrounding the opening. A nice contrast of color and texture in this project.

A Small But Elegant Example


This is a portable type of unit that would have to be powered off of propane cylinders but still a very nice piece. This is another example of a stucco fireplace that would be popular, I think.

A More Elaborate Corner Fireplace With A Sand Finish Stucco


This one really caught my attention because of the location and how it was integrated into the building’s architecture itself.

It is tucked away and saves space but also creates a focal point that also provides a source of heat. The foam trim around the door is a nice touch but I'm not sure how well it would hold up to the heat.

An Outdoor Kiva Fireplace

An Outdoor Kiva Fireplace

A Simple Corner Fireplace


Here is another example of a corner unit but it is much simpler than the previous example. The texture of the stucco is a heavy lace type of texture and the subtle tone of the rock brings out the color within the finish.

A Third Adobe Outdoor Stucco Fireplace Example


This is the third “adobe style” fireplace that I have in the list but it is so practical and simple. The matching seating area in front of the unit is a nice addition but lacks the comfort factor, meaning you probably couldn’t sit there for long periods of time.

What Are My Options?

There are two different options you have if you are looking to have an outdoor fireplace installed, a prefab unit or a custom built unit.

Prefab Units: There are a couple of different options when it comes to a prefab outdoor fireplace. You can find a pre-made, ready to go fireplace that is 100% finished but these tend to be smaller in size and will usually have a very simple design to them.

These are usually gas powered too, not wood burning, like a traditional fireplace but they do suit some people's needs.

Another prefab option would be a shell of a fireplace and then you finish it off by applying the outer materials, like stucco, rock, brick, etc. There are many suppliers that offer these, like burntech and is another, more customizable option.

Custom Built Units: Of course, the most popular outdoor fireplaces are custom built and most of the examples I show above are, in fact custom built. These will be more expensive but the limits are also unlimited as far as design, size and materials go.

Usually, these are made from cinder blocks and will then have stucco, rock, tile, etc. applied to the base.

This is probably the best material to use as it is fire resistant, fairly cheap and will hold up to the elements without many issues for years to come.

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