Can I Buy Stucco That Has Color In It Already?

Can I Buy Stucco That Has Color In It Already

Mixing stucco is hard work and adding color to it can make things even more complicated, so some people want to know if they can buy stucco that has the color added into it already, which is a good question!

Can You Buy Stucco That Has Color Added To It?

Yes, you can buy stucco finish material that has color added to it already, which is also known as a premixed material. Premixed is the term that is used for the stucco finish material (acrylic and cement based finishes) that the finish material and color is mixed together and sealed up.

This is done by most stucco manufacturers at the factory and will ensure a more consistent color consistency, usually. This is typically an extra charge, due to the added labor in the process, so check to see how much more this will end up costing you versus mixing the color into the finish material on the job.

Premixed Cement Based Finishes:

Cement based stucco finishes use a white or gray-white base color material and a color pack, which comes in powder form. If you were to get a premixed bag of stucco finish, the sand, cement and color pack would all be mixed together and then packaged in that specific bag.

You would have to use the entire bag to get the most consistent color results though, and using only part of the bag is not recommended due to the fact that the ingredients are dry and may not be distributed evenly in the bag. Keep this in mind when planning on using a premixed cement based stucco color.

Cement Based Premixed Stucco Color

Helpful Tip: I am using LaHabra's products as the main example in this article, but nearly all stucco manufacturers will offer the same premixed color options and solutions that I am showing examples of.

If you're interested in finding out more about the differences between acrylic and traditional cement based finishes, then I recommend you read this article.

Acrylic Based Finishes:

Acrylic based finishes, along with synthetic finishes also have a premixed color option, but the material is wet and is mixed with a liquid color, so the color is uniform and thoroughly mixed from the factory.

You could use any amount of material out of the 5 gallon bucket that these premixed colors materials come in because they are a wet product that cures when it dries. In other words, the mixture is premixed and all the color is evenly distributed throughout the bucket, which will not usually separate that much.

Acrylic Based Premixed Stucco Color

Patch Kits:

There are also patch kits that are sold and these are smaller versions of their larger counterparts, usually used to repair smaller areas. As an example, a cement based finish will typically come in a 90 pound bag and acrylic finishes will come in a 5 gallon bucket.

These patch kits are much smaller, having only a fraction of the material in them, but these can still be premixed, with the color included in the patch kits.

Premixed Patch Material With Color Added

Where Can I Get Premixed Stucco Finish?

If you want a premixed stucco finish color, then you will have to look directly to the manufacturer. Like I mentioned earlier, most manufacturers will gladly make a premixed color finish material for you, usually for an added cost.

Some of these manufacturers are: Omega stucco, LaHabra stucco, Western stucco, Merlex, etc. You don't necessarily have to make contact with the manufacturer though, as most local stucco suppliers will handle the order for you and then call you when it is ready to pick up.

I usually go this route, myself, as it eliminates a lot of the hassle of the back and forth communication with the manufacturer.

What Colors Are Available?

Any color on the color charts are available as a premixed color for both cement based and acrylic finishes. The color charts are provided by the stucco manufacturers and each manufacturer will have their own colors and own color charts.

Below is an example of just a portion of one manufacturer's color chart where any of the colors can be premixed/preblended to include the base material and the color mixed together.

Color Chart For Premixed Stucco Colors

You can even get custom colors premixed, which I have done when trying to match an existing color on a wall.

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