Can You Stucco Over Tyvek?

Can You Stucco Over Tyvek

Tyvek is a great waterproofing membrane and is one of the best materials out there for waterproofing a wall but can you stucco directly over Tyvek wrap? There is a short answer and, of course an explanation, which is part of a larger answer.

Can You Apply Stucco Over Tyvek?

The short answer is, yes you can apply stucco over Tyvek but it is not recommended, a grade D paper (two ply preferrably) is better suited for stucco and is more compatible with the material.

Tyvek is slicker and cement will have a harder time staying in place when applying the base coat. It is also a synthetic material and is not self sealing like the asphalt infused paper that is used in a more traditional stucco system. Tyvek is a lot more expensive than grade D paper too!

From what I've read, there is also a bonding issue that comes up with the base coat and the Tyvek, which I am not entirely clear on myself but it makes sense if you have ever tried to apply a base coat directly over Tyvek.

When Can I Use Tyvek For My Stucco Job?

You can still use Tyvek on your stucco projects, I do all the time, when I want a better sealed wall, usually in extreme water penetrated walls that have failed or might be at a higher risk of failing.

I apply the Tyvek to the wall, right over the substrate, just like you normally would and then apply two layers of my grade D paper over the Tyvek and continue the normal stucco process after that.

Tyvek Stucco Wrap...

Now Tyvek does make a specialty material that is designed to be used with stucco and they refer to it as Stucco Wrap. This is a little bit different than standard Tyvek and has some flex to it, like an accordian and it is designed like that on purpose so the stucco has a drainage plane behind the stucco.

I do not believe that the material is self sealing so you would also have to use specialty fasteners that have a plastic cap that covers the nail head, keeping water out.

Dupont states that you can directly apply stucco over their product but to be honest, I have never used it myself and can't really say whether it is better than two plys of grade D paper but you can have a look at their product page for more information.

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