Yellow Stucco House Ideas

Yellow Stucco House Ideas

Yellow is another one of those stucco colors that I wasn't entirely sure about, myself but after doing a little bit of research and am throwing together this post on yellow stucco houses.

I have since changed my mind just a little bit and realize that yellow can actually work pretty well with other colors and can make for a very unique theme.

Yellow Stucco & White Trim Is Popular!

One of the most popular trim colors that went with yellow stucco houses would definitely have to be white and there are many images online depicting this.

What I thought was interesting is the actual yellow color of the stucco that you pick will have an influence on how the overall look of the building will turn out and using different shades of white will give a completely different look as well.

The yellow and white was oftentimes accented will a softer red tone, a sage green tone or even a much darker color like black or dark brown.

Yellow Stucco And White Trim Examples

Yellow Stucco with Darker Trim/Windows Works Well Too!

Another popular combination when using yellow stucco on your house was to go with darker trim colors and most of the time this seems to be a darker brown, more than any other type of color. 

I was able to find some examples of a medium brown color and even a darker sage green color that worked well and I think it depends on the overall look that you're going for, as you can see from some of the images below where the different style of houses really utilized darker colors where there were more details on the house itself or to make certain accent pieces pop a little more.

Yellow Stucco And Darker Trim Examples

Minimal to No Trim Can Also Work...

I was also able to find a few examples where there was little to no trim on the houses and I actually like this look a lot because it kept it very simple and the architecture and style of the houses really reminded me of a lot of the white stucco houses that I see and have that same simplicity to them.

More often than not, a lot of the houses that use little to no trim used a more pale yellow color and oftentimes if trim was used on these types of houses it was the same color as the stucco, making it blend in a lot more, which I think worked and added to the simplistic nature of the overall look of the house.

Yellow Stucco With Little to No Trim Examples

What Yellow Colors Are Available?

There are two different routes you can take when choosing a yellow color for your stucco building and these choices will usually boil down to whether you are going to paint or have a finish coat of stucco applied to the walls.

Painting Your Walls: If you are planning on painting your walls, then there are a whole range of yellow colors out there from many different manufacturers and you can find a shade of yellow that fits your style perfectly.

If you do choose to paint you will have in an unlimited amount of choices at your disposal, which is a huge plus if you are planning on painting.

Below are a few colors that I found on Benjamin Moore's website, that will help you visualize what colors are out there and what you have to choose from. 

Keep in mind, that this is just a short list of the colors any will have to visit the manufacturers website in order to get a broader range of yellow colors.

Quick links to paint manufacturer's yellow paint colors:

A Few Yellow Colors From Benjamin Moore

 A Few Yellow Colors From Benjamin Moore


Sample Of Benjamin Moore's Yellow Selection

Applying A Finish Coat: If you are planning on applying a finish coat of stucco on to a new construction project or over an existing code of stucco, then you will need to take a few things into consideration depending on whether you are planning on using an acrylic or traditional type of stucco finish.

Yellow Acrylic Finish: If you do happen to choose a yellow acrylic finish then there are many different color samples from color chart that you can choose from or you can have a custom yellow color made, just like you would be able to using paint.

Since acrylic stucco has virtually the same properties as paint, you can color match any sample to get that exact same color in an acrylic finish.

Yellow Traditional Finish: On the flip side of that, if you are planning on applying a traditional stucco finish that is cement base, you will have a more limited selection of yellow options do they have the nature of the product and how the color is blended.

You will still have yellow colors available to you in a traditional stucco finish material but they will generally be lighter in color and much less vibrant then an acrylic or painted finish.

What Roof Colors Go With A Yellow House?

There were really only a handful of different roof colors that seemed to complement the yellow stucco siding and I saw it time and time again, no matter how many pictures of yellow stucco houses I looked at.

The roof colors I noticed were a little bit on the darker side, some of the more popular choices were darker shades of red, dark brown and even black.

It didn't really seem to matter if the stucco color itself was a dark yellow or a light yellow, the roof colors still seemed to fall into these primary three or four colors.

On To Trim And Window Colors...

The trim in window colors seemed to fall into the category of the roof colors, having some of the same characteristics, those being darker in color except for an additional color of white.

White: If you really want the window trim and the details on your house to pop then white is the absolute best color to accentuate these features as it stands out best against the yellow stucco walls.

This is especially true if you choose a darker, richer yellow color but will also nicely accent a lighter yellow color as well.

Darker Colors: The darker colors did look good on some of the images I found when they were used for the windows of the building and for smaller accent pieces like corbels, hand rails,etc.

I didn't really notice any darker trim colors that were used on any of these yellow houses but I did see a few darker sage green colors used for window frames and accent pieces which turned out nice against a lighter yellow stucco color.

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