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​Here are 5 tips that will not only help you to take better pictures but will greatly help me out as well and ensure that I can give you the best possible results possible...

I would recommend taking pictures with a quality camera and try to avoid using cell phones, as they are not the best quality (in most cases).

If you only have access to a cell phone, then we will take a look at the quality first, to see if it will work and go from there. Most cell phones these days can take high quality pictures but lack image stabilization, which is the main issue, most of the time.


Taking the pictures in a landscape orientation is best and recommended ​most of the time and is usually the best way to fit an entire house in the shot. The image on the right illustrates the differences tween a landscape and portrait orientation.

You can use a portrait orientation if you absolutely have to.

Landscape VS Portrait Orientation

​The ​correct distance at which you take the picture is another important step and will make the overall result much better too.

If you're too close, you won't get the full effect of the different color options on the walls versus the fascia boards, gutters and ​trim.

On the other hand, if you're too far away it will be hard to see some of the detailed aspects of the building like the window trim, gutters and so on.

1 Sample Stucco House Original Color

​​The image above illustrates a good example of the entire house sitting into the picture and having a good balance between being far enough away to capture the whole outline of the building but close enough to see some of the contrasting details and color for the trim, fascia boards and gutters.

The best time to take a picture is usually in the morning or in the evening, in short at dawn or dusk, when the sun is lower in the sky and the light is less intense.

​Try to take pictures around these times and the lighting will be much better, resulting in better pictures and a better end result.

Dusk And Dawn

​Try to avoid large trees or bushes that obstruct the view of the house. This will not always be avoidable but if you can get a different angle to eliminate most of the obstructions, then it will be much easier to get the color laid out in an "uninterrupted" way.

If you have many different bushes and/or trees blocking the house's stucco, then a surcharge may be added to the order, for the extra work it will take to get a decent finished look.

Stucco House With A Lot Of Greenery Blocking The View

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