Consultation (15 min.)


Have a question and want a more detailed answer? I try to review and get back to all of the comments left on my site but can't always do that in a short amount of time (unfortunately).

If you have a question that is more time sensitive or requires a more in-depth answer, then I would be happy to give you my full attention and provide my helpful insight via Google Hangouts. This can be a video call, a chat or a phone call, the choice is yours.



This is usually used for people who have a more in-depth question and need a better answer then just a quick reply and is usually more time sensitive. Some common topics I have discussed already are:

  • Conflicting advice about how to proceed with your project (opposing views on how to go about it).
  • Explaining a specific stucco process more in-depth.
  • Walking you through the phases of diy stucco projects (multiple consultations are sometimes needed) to ensure it is done properly and turns out as planned.
  • Existing problems you have that you need help with (videos and pictures are a huge help).