Stucco Contractors In Phoenix, AZ, Who Should I Go With?

I wanted to do a little searching to find feedback on different stucco contractors that served the Phoenix Arizona region so that I could make a page the put all of my research and findings into one centralized location to make it easier to find and navigate.

I only took those companies that had reviews because it made sense and I can actually report back on a company that had some sort of feedback  as opposed to someone who did not have any reviews and just reporting things like their address, phone number etc.

This page is all of our research combined and organized into an easy-to-read format for those of you out there who may be looking at stucco contractors in and around the Phoenix area. I will be constantly updating this page and him always open to feedback, suggestions and other helpful insights to make the page better and better as time goes on.

Pheonix, AZ Contractors On


Some of the good things:

  • I was really surprised to see how many companies were listed on yelp’s website. Usually find between one and four companies that have any sort of feedback that fell well over that when looking in the Phoenix area.
  • A lot of the feedback I got was really good and very descriptive which is always helpful and goes a really long way. I’d rather have fewer reviews with very descriptive feedback than hundreds of reviews with the general type of comments.

Some of the bad things:

  • One of the major downfalls that I noticed was the fact that most of the stucco companies listed on the website didn’t have that many reviews that I could sift through and gather information on.
  • Sorting through all of the stucco contractors was kind of a jumble and other types of contractors were mixed in which made it hard to pull out the contractors who specifically did stucco and plastering.


Max Stucco & Plastering: (602) 448-0802 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Max Stucco and plastering had 2 reviews on Yelp, both of which were positive.
  • Rating:  Max stucco received a 5 star rating from both the reviewers along with appreciative comments and one of the commenters even mentioned that they were referred to the company through a friend.
  • Reviewers: Both reviewers have multiple reviews on yelp’s website, one having three reviews in total and the other having 20.their descriptions of the work performed was also a nice little addition.
  • Jobs Performed: The work involved was one small repair job where the client ran into the wall with his vehicle and the other one was more of a crack repair type job.
  • Pros: the reviews themselves seem very genuine and described a little bit of detail about the work performed and the work ethic of the contractor.
  • Cons:  The number of reviews could be a little bit more help if there were more to go off of but the two that were listed really weren’t that bad in hindsight.
  • Links:

A&T Remodeling Stucco: (602) 383-4585 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: A &T Remodeling and stucco had 9 reviews on Yelp.
  • Rating: They received eight 5 star reviews and one 1 star review which was then addressed and resulted in a three star compromise.
  • Reviewers: most of the reviewers have very detailed job descriptions and pictures to go along with the work that was performed by A&T Remodeling and Stucco. A couple of the reviewers only have one single review that they have ever left on yelp and the contractor himself is one of the reviewers but since there were nine to go off of it still was a pretty positive experience.
  • Jobs Performed: a few of the jobs mentioned that they had repairs done, one reviewer mentioned that the contractor had stuccoed a new home he was building and then later on the guesthouse and one even mentioned doing a little bit of crack repair.
  • Pros: The reviews were positive and the business has also tried to address a dissatisfied customer which works in the favor of the owner. They have been consistently performed well, as the reviews from 2011 and 2016 are equally positive.
  • Cons: The business has no negative points except for keeping their communication open, especially when it comes to the original bid.
  • Links:
  • Yelp Page
  • Their website


Phoenix Plastering Inc: (623) 535-0725 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Phoenix plastering Inc had 5 reviews on Yelp, most of which are positive in nature.
  • Rating: They got four 5 star reviews and just one 1 star review where there was a communication gap and no work was performed it was more or less on the initial call to come bid the job.
  • Reviewers:  The people that reviewed Phoenix Plastering Incorporated did have a good number of other reviews on yelp, except for one gentleman that only had one and then two others only had three reviews total but all in all not bad.
  • Jobs Performed: There wasn’t too much in the way of job descriptions but from what I gather Phoenix Plastering performed a couple of repair jobs and a recount on an exterior wall.
  • Pros:  The reviews are positive, they are considered professional, reliable and responsible. They were even commented on their cleanliness.
  • Cons: I couldn’t really find anything super negative to say about the company but if I did have a bad review left by a client or potential client I would have responded to them, trying to apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused them.
  • Links:
  • Yelp Page
  • Their website


Accurate Drywall & Stucco Repair: (480) 628-0226 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Accurate drywall and stucco has 3 reviews on yelp. All of which were positive and emphasize the quality of work at a great price.
  • Rating: All three people gave accurate drywall and stucco five star reviews and had a pretty detailed account of the work that took place.
  • Reviewers: All of the feedback from the users was from individuals who have multiple reviews on yelp so that looked pretty good but the comments are older which date back to 2014 and no further updates in 2015 or 2016.
  • Jobs Performed: Most of the work that took place was mainly repairs like crack repair, and addition of a new window mainly because of leaky situations.
  • Pros: The quality and especially the price point have to be two of the best things that came out of these three reviews for accurate drywall and stucco.
  • Cons: the reviews are too old to rely on in my opinion, more recent reviews could be used for a better idea of how the company has been doing recently.
  • Links:


Romualdos Stucco & Repair: (480) 966-9192 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Romualdos Stucco had 2 reviews on yelp, both of which were accompanied by a great rating.
  • Rating: One of the clients gave a 5 star review, while the other reviewer a 4 star review and I’m not really sure why seeing as how he to had a very good experience.
  • Reviewers: Both individuals that shows left comments on the complement of multiple reviews on yelp’s website but were back in 2011 which is the only real downside about the reviews themselves.
  • Jobs Performed: Only one person left a description of the actual job that took place which was a repair job (which they also touched up with a little paint) after there were done. The other reviewer stated that they have used the company many different times and never had an unhappy customer which leads me to believe maybe he is a contractor who refers the company to clients of his own.
  • Pros:  On time performance and an unwillingness to do tasks that are necessarily within a stucco contractors trade just to get the job done and the fact that he is been referred by one person many times without any type of complaint are probably the two best things that I could see about the company.
  • Cons:  Both the reviews date back to 2011 which are very old and are hard to base any type of judgment on especially 5 to 6 years later. Newer reviews could be more useful in forming an opinion.
  • Links:


Sundance Stucco: (602) 697-4483 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Sundance Stucco had 3 reviews on yelp that were great to fair ones and two of them were even from 2016.
  • Rating:  They received two 5 star reviews and one 3 star review. All were accompanied with a positive comment and were moderately descriptive for the most part.
  • Reviewers: I do like to see more reviews from yelp users than I did for this company but the fact that they stated in detail how the job went and what they experienced leads me to believe that they are in fact genuine reviews.
  • Jobs Performed: All three jobs were really closely related which was ironic but were basically covering up some type of block wall with stucco.
  • Pros: Having recent reviews and a pretty decent track record with the three different people really shows the quality and professionalism of the company.
  • Cons: They were found to be very neat and organized according to one reviewer but another one stated that some overspray.onto his neighbor’s patio so the homeowner had to clean it up himself. More reviews would have also been a really nice thing to see from this company.
  • Links:


Acosta Plastering: (480) 242-3536 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: Acosta plastering has only one review on yelp, not much to go off of but still a positive and very detailed review.
  • Rating: A 5 star review was left for Acosta Plastering along with a number of different photos.
  • Reviewers:  The reviewer seems genuine and has a lot of other reviews on yelp on top of this one. The amount of detail about her bad experience with another contractor and how Acosta Plastering came in to save the day was a nice little story.
  • Jobs Performed: They basically performed stucco repair work, mainly fixing what the other contractor left and the client was very satisfied with their performance.
  • Pros: The review was quite positive and gives a great amount of detail about the project, along with their nice recommendation and even a link to their websites in the review itself.
  • Cons: The downside to all this is the fact that there was only one review that it was from the middle of 2015 so I would have liked to have seen more reviews and some more recent ones at that.
  • Links:

What Home Advisor Had…

Home Advisor

Some Positives:

  • I really liked the number of companies that were listed with reviews on home advisor’s website. It really made for a great comparison overall.
  • Not only were there a lot of different stucco companies listed that serve the Phoenix Arizona area but there were times of corresponding reviews that gave a lot of feedback into each company’s performance.

Some Negatives:

  • A couple of the companies that I looked at didn’t have as many reviews as I would’ve liked to have seen, especially when you compare it to the amount that some of their competitors had.
  • It’s always hard to make a decision based on very general or short comments that people leave about the work that was performed at their house. I saw some of these in the feedback of a couple different companies and it doesn’t really help make an overall assessment about whether or not to hire them.

Universal Bros Plastering, LLC: (602) 687-4116 (Lic.#)home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Universal Bros Plastering had 16 positive reviews on Home advisor’s website.
  • Rating: There were 15 reviewers that gave a 5 star review and one with a 4 star rating for Universal Brothers Plastering.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers all had really good reviews and most of them gave a very good position of the work that one out even though a handful of people gave a more general type of review.
  • Jobs Performed: Repair work and renovation to existing stucco were some of the areas of the trade that were carried out, as well as installation and complete replacement.
  • Pros: The company had reviews dating back to 2014, which were mainly positive and a great one in 2016 which shows a very nice track record of positive experiences.
  • Cons: There was no review in 2015, as most of the reviews belong to 2014 and one review was given in 2016. More consistent and regular reviews could have been helpful in forming a better overall judgement.
  • Links:


Queen Creek Lath & Stucco, Inc.: (602) 687-4112 (Lic.#)

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Queen Creek Stucco had 50 reviews at the time which is quite a lot of feedback to go through a look at but the majority of the reviews were very good.
  • Rating: Nearly all of the reviews were really close to five stars and a couple of them were one star reviews but not a bad ratio if you ask me.
  • Reviewers : The reviewers really had a lot to say regarding the job description, how great the texture matched existing stucco and many other things that provide a quality job. On another note most of the reviews are over a three or four year period, which is another good thing and shows consistent performance.
  • Jobs Performed: Seeing as how there were so many reviews the list of work went on and on and included things like stucco repair, new stucco installation, crack repair and just about every aspect of stucco you can think of.
  • Pros: The astounding number of reviews along with the positive feedback and detailed description of the work performed makes for a very good contractor and stucco company.
  • Cons:  the only bad thing I can really think of saying about what I saw on Home Advisor is the fact that on the couple of two star reviews that the company had, the owner (I assume) only respond to one of them and should have responded to the other one as well.
  • Links:


Acosta Plastering, Inc.: (602) 567-1114 (Lic.#)

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Acosta had over 100 reviews on Home Advisor’s website that stretched all the way back to 2010 into 2016.
  • Reviewers:  The reviewers could have done a better job adding a little more detail into their job descriptions but some of them did, I would say it was more of a 50-50 split.
  • Jobs Performed: I would say that the main majority of the work performed was actually some type or repair or patch job and may have included stucco crack repair. There were some accounts of new stucco being installed but the majority was the smaller patch type jobs.
  • Pros: The reviews have mostly been positive with only 7 % reviews against the business which is a very low number.
  • Cons:  There was a little dissatisfaction with reference to customer service which could be improved, according to what was stated by the reviewers.
  • Links:


J R Lath & Stucco, LLC: (480) 567-9571 (Lic.#)

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: JR Lath & Stucco at a total of seven customer ratings on home advisors website.
  • Reviewers: The majority of these reviews were four stars and up and one reviewer gave them a half star for basically not finishing the job.
  • Jobs Performed: It was a mix of repairs and patchwork that needed to be done and installations of new stucco.
  • Pros: The majority of the reviews were on the positive side but I would like to have seen more detail on what work was performed, work ethic and other details.
  • Cons: There really needs to be a lot more reviews to go through, especially since home advisor does typically have a large number of reviews for their contractors.
  • Links:


  • Stucco Supply yard recommendations: I plan on calling  around the various stucco supply yards in and around the Chicago, IL area, who talk with the various contractors on a regular basis and really know who does good work consistently.
  • General contractor recommendations: I want to list a few contractors that a general contractor recommends and uses themselves, because they rely on a sub-contractors each and every day and can surely recommend a pre-screened company that does great work.
  • Tools: I will provide links to helpful sites to help you refine your search even further, so you can feel comfortable with the choice you make.

Complete List of Stucco Contractors That Serve The Chicago Area: (click to open)


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