Stucco Contractors In San Jose, How Do I Choose?

There was so much information on many different websites in regards to stucco contractors in and around the San Jose area. I checked Yelp’s website,,, BBB’s site and a couple of other online sources and compiled what I found on this page.

There were a lot of listings and some great feedback from people who have used companies in the past with great success and you should take a look at what they had to say. I also plan on gathering additional information in the future for a more thoroughly researched post, so be sure to check back in.

Some of the good things:

  • There were a ton of reviews left on Yelp’s website for so many different companies, a lot more than I usually see. With all of these reviews and all of the feedback, picking a company to repair or install your stucco just got way easier.
  • I noticed that there were a number of reviews that had very detailed accounts of their experiences and the work performed, which is very helpful and says a lot more than a more general type of comment.

Some of the bad things:

  • Even though there were a lot of helpful reviews, some were general in nature (“They did a great job!”), which you can’t always avoid but is a downside for sure.
  • With this much feedback I would have liked to seen more reviews on a couple of the companies. Don’t get me wrong, there were a good amount of reviews and many different companies were recommended but a couple of them only had two or three reviews in total.


Carl Hill Plastering: (408) 267-5135 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: There are 3 reviews on Yelp’s website. All 3 reviews left gave much praise to Carl Hill Plastering
  • Rating: Even though there were only 3 reviews available, all 3 gave him a 5 star rating.
  • Reviewers: The 3 reviews that had been left were very happy with the work that had been done. All 3 reviewers spoke highly of the professionalism of Carl Hill Plastering and his expertise in the business.
  • Jobs Performed: There wasn’t much description as to each job performed. From what I gathered Carl Hill performed partial or entire home recoats. Matching existing stucco to his own new stucco.
  • Pros: Excellent work and ability to match existing stucco.
  • Cons: More reviews and more detailed about what exactly was done for the customers would be nice to get more of a feel for his work.
  • Links:

Castro Plastering Inc: Phone number (415) 235-9345 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Castro Plastering Inc had a total of 8 reviews on, which seemed to be middle of the road for number of reviews.
  • Rating: Out of those eight reviewers, they had an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Reviewers: All the reviews were very positive. Some reviews were very detailed and others just giving praise for the work done.
  • Jobs Performed: Jobs ranged from complete home recoat to repair and patch jobs. They also do some new construction, per one reviewer with an addition.
  • Pros: The company owner Rosario is on top of her game. She is reliable and stays in contact with clients throughout the entire process. They can travel for jobs all throughout the entire San Francisco bay area from East Bay to SF.
  • Cons: I really couldn’t find any cons, beyond more reviews left by customers which would be great to get more of an overview on Castro Plastering Inc.
  • Links:


Golden State Stucco: Phone number (408) 720-1540 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Golden State Stucco had 3 total reviews on This is less than most from the San Jose/Bay Area.
  • Rating: All three customers left a 5 star rating out of a total of 5 stars which is always nice to see especially when there is minimal reviews.
  • Reviewers: The reviews that had been left were very positive. They were fairly detailed about the level of customer service but as much so about the specifics of the work done.
  • Jobs Performed: The capacity of the work done was not very specific. I gathered from one review that Golden State Stucco had done some patch work on their home.
  • Pros: From the reviews they owner of the business and his crew are very professional. Everyone stated how delightful it was doing business with the owner and his crew.
  • Cons: Not enough reviews and not enough description to get a feel for exactly the type of jobs this company can take on.
  • Links:


Morales Plastering Construction: Phone number (510) 470-3847 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Morales Plastering Construction had a total of 17 reviews, some detailed and others not so much.
  • Rating: Out of 5 stars available they ended up with an overall of 4.5 stars.
  • Reviewers: The customers that left reviews on had a few things to say about Morales Plastering. From the very detailed about the job completed, to praise and to not hearing back from the company at all.
  • Jobs Performed: The sphere of their work ranges from commercial units to private homes. New construction, patch work and re-coats.
  • Pros: They can do any job they take on. Done in a timely manner with contact throughout the entire project. The owner seems like he cares enough to take the time to keep his clients abreast of what is going on.
  • Cons: They seem quite busy. Two people left negative reviews because they never heard back from Morales Plastering.
  • Links:


A Better Plastering Co: Phone number (831) 818-6493 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: A Better Plastering Company ended up having 5 reviews on, we always would like to see more but the reviews were good.
  • Rating: Out of the 5 reviews left they had an all 5 star rating out of 5 possible stars.
  • Reviewers: The reviews that have been left were all in good favor. Unfortunately only one reviewer went into more detail about this company. But from that single review it appears that this customer uses A Better Plastering Company often for his needs.
  • Jobs Performed: They performed more than once a complete recoating of homes and businesses. This seems to be their main line of work, at least from what I gathered from the 5 reviews.
  • Pros: They can redo siding on exterior homes or they can do a complete recoat.
  • Cons: Not much information as to what exactly it is that they do. Not enough info from their customers or in their own info given by them on
  • Links:


White Knight Plastering & Stucco: Phone number (925) 292-7683 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: White Knight Plastering & Stucco had 8 total reviews on
  • Rating: They ended up with a total of 4.5 stars as an overall rating. Out of all 8 reviews they were given 7 with 5 stars and only one with a negative review.
  • Reviewers: The reviews left were genuine, as most all enjoyed working with White Knight Plastering. His work ethic was among the highlights. The single negative reviewer was contacted by White Knight Plastering but we do not know the outcome of that, if any.
  • Jobs Performed: The work done by them seems to be a lot of patchwork. But I couldn’t gather more of a scope as the reviews left weren’t detailed enough to get into what work was completed.
  • Pros: They make contact with their customers and keep them abreast of what is going on. The jobs completed were all done to the customers satisfaction, so much so that they would use them again or recommend them to others.
  • Cons: I couldn’t note many aside from the single negative comment which was looked into by the owner of the company. Besides having more reviews this company had really great ratings.
  • Links:


Narco Plastering: Phone number (408) 293-2060 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Narco Plastering had a total of 7 reviews on, more is better but the reviews left were decent.
  • Rating: Out of the seven reviews left, 6 had left a 5 star rating and 1 left a 1 star rating. Bringing their total average to 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Reviewers: The reviews left were genuine but not as detailed as we would like to see. Most were pleased but some would have like to give a half less on the stars but that isn’t an option with
  • Jobs Performed: Narco Plastering did jobs from entire home recoat to patch jobs. One reviewer uses them for all her home flips.
  • Pros: The work done seems to be satisfactory per the reviewers. In most cases they covered and cleaned up the homes well.
  • Cons: Not enough reviews. And the one bad review came from a client that turned into a lien on a home, which from was never addressed…but I am not sure that is something that can be addressed on a public forum.
  • Links:


Aguaristi Plastering: Phone number (408) 280-5777 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Aguaristi Plastering had only 1 review on, which is below the average of reviewers for stucco contractors in this area.
  • Rating: The single review left was a 5 star review.
  • Reviewers: The reviewer really thought highly of Aguaristi Plastering, they were recommended by her general contractor to do the stucco work.
  • Jobs Performed: I could not tell from the review if they performed a new addition, a recoat or patch work. The reviewer didn’t leave the detail on that.
  • Pros: From the single review left they did a good job and they also have recommendation from a general.
  • Cons: Aside from this single review there is no further information on this company on Aguaristi Plastering has not put any information about themselves on which would be very helpful.
  • Links:

Stucco Contractors In The Chicago Area On

Yellow Pages

Some of the good stuff:

  • had a ton of different plastering and stucco contractors listed but unfortunately only one company have a review that I could go off of the list here in this section.

Some of the bad stuff:

  • The obvious downside to what I found on Yellow Pages website was the fact that there was only one company that had any sort of reviews at all and there is only one of them at that.



Bob Volpi Plastering: (408) 265-2522 (Lic.# )Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: There was only 1 review to be found on Yellow Pages for Bob Volpi Plastering..
  • Rating: The rating given was a good one of 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Reviewers: I am unsure as to the reviewer, she never stated that he had done work by him. She merely stated how awesome he is and that he is really great at stucco application.
  • Jobs Performed: I am not sure that any work was performed as none was mentioned by the reviewer.
  • Pros: The reviewer stated Bob Volpi Plastering is a master at stucco and an awesome person.
  • Cons: Not so sure as of the validity of the review since there was no reference to work done. Also there were no other reviews.
  • Links:



Home Advisor’s Website:

Home Advisor

I found one company that was specifically a stucco company and had to dig through reviews left for one company to find stucco related repairs, seeing as how they were a general contractor. The experience was somewhat disappointing because I did not find a lot of companies but the one I found had great reviews with an excellent reputation.

Some Positives:

  • The reviews that were left by clients were very detailed in nature and described the scope of the work in a way that really painted a picture for me on what to expect.

Some Negatives:

  • Home advisor usually has a pretty good spread of contractors and this was also the case in the San Jose area. I would’ve liked to seen more than just two contractors listed for the reviews were halfway decent and really gave a good picture of the work performed and the quality that was used.

White Knight Plastering & Stucco: (925) 407-3446 (Lic.# )home advisor logo

  • Reviews: White Knight Plastering had 16 reviews on Home Advisor. His average rating overall was 4.84
  • Reviewers: The reviewers seemed very happy with the scope of the work performed and many left detailed information as to how they ended up using White Knight Plastering.
  • Jobs Performed: From the reviews left nearly all the jobs done were for either patch work or entire house recoats.
  • Pros: Raving reviews about work ethic, time it took to do the job, the standards to which White Knight Plastering holds to themselves when doing jobs seems to be very important to them.
  • Cons: I really couldn’t find any cons. They seem to be reliable and trustworthy.
  • Links:


Jose Antonio Alejo: (408) 203-1174 (Lic.# )

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Jose Antonio Alejo had 7 verified reviews on Home Advisor.
  • Rating: Out of a total possible 5 stars they received a total of 4.93 which is a nearly perfect rating.
  • Jobs Performed: Jose Antonio Alejo’s jobs range from new constructio, patches to outdoor entertainment areas.
  • Pros: The customers all had complimented him on his ability to be prompt and courteous. From the reviews, they all were thrilled with the work that he does and how quick he is to get in and get the job completed. He is willing to come out on a weekend and if possible the same day to run quotes.
  • Cons: None that I could note. All the client reviews were very positive. So aside from having more reviews I couldn’t find any cons.
  • Links:


coming soon

  • Stucco Supply yard recommendations: I plan on calling  around the various stucco supply yards in and around the San Jose area, who talk with the various contractors on a regular basis and really know who does good work consistently.
  • General contractor recommendations: I want to list a few contractors that a general contractor recommends and uses themselves, because they rely on a sub-contractors each and every day and can surely recommend a pre-screened company that does great work.
  • Tools: I will provide links to helpful sites to help you refine your search even further, so you can feel comfortable with the choice you make.


Complete List of Stucco Contractors That Serve The Chicago Area: (click to open)



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