Stucco Contractors In The Denver CO Area, How Do I Pick?

I was looking around for different reviews on stucco contractors and companies in the Denver Colorado area and found some information that might be helpful to folks looking for stucco services in the area. I browse through different review sites such as yelp and Yellow, sifted through the reviews and read each companies profile, feedback, etc. and posted a summary of what I found here.

I hope this article will help those individuals looking to hire a stucco professional in the Denver area, I know it will at least help cut back on the amount of time spent researching each individual company. I will be constantly improving this article over time and any recommendations or hope I can get for my readers is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Denver, CO Contractors On


Some of the good things:

  • There were a number of different contractors in the Denver area, so there wasn’t a lack of reviews for different companies even though most of them did not have many reviews individually and seeing more would have been a plus.
  • The contrasting reviews of good and bad experiences is actually a good thing in my eyes because it shows that the reviewers are honest and is typical of what real ratings would look like.

Some of the bad things:

  • Like I’ve stated before the only real downside that I could see is the number of reviews for each individual stucco company that serves the Denver area.


Stucco Magic: (303) 750-3089 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: Stucco Magic has 2 reviews on Yelp’s website and both the reviews were opposite opinions. One was positive while the other was about poor service and being overcharged..
  • Rating: Stucco Magic got a 5 star review and a 1 star review which was a very contradicting situation.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers seem original as both of them have other reviews on yelp. Also, both the reviewers have comments which give great detail supporting their reviews and  ratings.  One of the individuals has 6 other reviews on yelp and the other has 44 other reviews.
  • Jobs Performed: It wasn’t really clear what Stucco magic did, as the reviews were not specific enough but if I had to guess it would be repair work.
  • Pros: They were praised for being professional in their workmanship and offer solutions for cost effective methods of stucco services.
  • Cons:  They had two reviews which are contradictory to each other and is quite difficult to form an overall  judgement about the business.
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Lone Star Stucco & Stone: (720) 333-2550 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Lone Star Stucco & Stone had two reviews on yelp with the same dilemma as the company that we just looked at, one positive review and another negative one.
  • Rating:  The ratings are entirely opposite to each other, one reviewer gave a 5 star rating with a positive comment while the other one gave a negative review with a 1 star rating, even though no work was actually performed.
  • Reviewers: The one individual who gave a positive review had 19 other reviews under their belt whereas the one that left negative feedback only had two in total.
  • Jobs Performed: It was hard to say what type of work was performed by lone Star stucco but by the sounds of it was some type of repair or patchwork. The individual who left a negative rating never had any work performed, the rating was based solely on a miscommunication issue.
  • Pros: to be honest it is hard to find any good points with solar reviews but going off of the one person you left feedback I would have to say that the company is knowledgeable and professional and has a great work ethic.
  • Cons: The positive review is pretty old, February 2012, while the negative one is newer,so this might not be the best sign. To add to that, there were also only two reviews but I had to go off of so not really enough data to make a really solid opinion.
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Rhino Stucco: (303) 722-4690 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Rhino stucco we have one review on the website and it was a negative one in nature.
  • Rating:  The reviewer gave a measly 1 star rating to Rhino Stucco but no work was ever performed this was just based on never hearing from the contractor again about the bid he proposed.
  • Reviewers: This looks like an authentic reviewer as they have 2 other reviews on yelp and simply talks about why he gave a negative review and kept it simple.
  • Jobs Performed: There was no job performed and no work description was ever given because of that reason.
  • Pros: This is an old review, from 2012 which gives them room to improve their performance in the long run.
  • Cons: The lack of reviews is definitely the biggest downside to this yelp listing on rhino stucco.
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Hazelton Plastering and Stucco: (303) 359-3931 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Hazelton Plastering and Stucco had 1 review on yelp, which was quite a complementing one, might I add.
  • Rating: This reviewer gave Hazelton a 5 star rating with a positive comment to go along with it.
  • Reviewers: The reviewer seems original as he has 75 other reviews on Yelp and has a description of work along with the comment which depicts authenticity.
  • Jobs Performed: There was actually no job description it was primarily a complement and some of the other services that the company offered.
  • Pros: They did have a very good rating from one individual that had many different reviews on yelp and is obviously an avid user of the website.
  • Cons: This review is very outdated, it’s from 2007 and it is the only review which gives no definite basis for forming an opinion about the business, especially in 2016.
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King Plastering Inc.: (720) 937-5566 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: King Plastering Inc has only 1 positive review on Yelp and nothing else to speak of, I’m starting to notice a trend on yelp.
  • Rating: The reviewer has given King Plastering a 5 star review on yelp along with a positive comment and is even provided very helpful pictures of the work performed.
  • Reviewers: the reviewer is original as the client described the service received along with the photos of the work but the only downside is that she only has two reviews in total.
  • Jobs Performed: King plastering did a lot of interior plastering for the client and she plans on using them for her exterior as well.
  • Pros: This is a positive review with lots of pictures, even though the client didn’t have that many reviews the pictures really do go a long way.
  • Cons: There is only one review which is not enough to form an opinion about the business, also the review is dated at 2015 which is not a recent review and does not give evidence about the current situation of the business.
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Stucco Contractors In The Denver Area On

Yellow Pages

Some of the good stuff:

  • The number of companies had feedback and ratings from people with a lot more than I typically find on Yellow website and was a good sign overall.
  • The reviews for most of the companies on Yellow Pages in and around Denver area were both positive and negative which is always a good sign and shows authenticity.

Some of the bad stuff:

  • Like the yelp reviews, I would’ve liked to have seen more individual ratings for specific companies not just one or two per company.



Optimus Stucco and Stone: (720) 381-6422 (Lic.# )Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: Optimus Stucco and Stone had only a single review one Yellow but was a very inspiring one..
  • Rating: The client gave a positive review with a 5 star rating, out of a total of five stars.
  • Reviewers: The authenticity of the reviewer is questionable as this is the only review posted by him but this would be a hasty opinion, as he has talked about his restaurant and a specific scenario regarding color options, so it may be an genuine review.
  • Jobs Performed: A description of the work was not posted so I have no idea what type of work went on.I can make the assumption that was either a recoat on an existing building or new construction project with all new stucco.
  • Pros: A very positive review with a very specific scenario attached to it even though no specifics were given about the job description and it being the only rating, the reviewer has ever left on the website.
  • Cons: This was the only review on yellow pages, a few more genuine reviews could be supportive in forming a more solidifying opinion about the business in general.
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AAA stucco: (307) 287-7496 (Lic.# )

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews:  AAA stucco had 1 review on Yellow pages website which is a positive one but not very descriptive.
  • Rating: The customer gave AAA stucco a 5 star rating for the services they had received.
  • Reviewers:  The profile of the reviewer seems fake as they only have 1 other review on yellow pages and that is also for another stucco company. Both the reviews are within a day’s time span which is not very realistic. Also, both companies received a positive 5 star rating
  • Jobs Performed: There is no description of the work whatsoever for this review.
  • Pros: The only positive points I can really think of the fact that it was a five-star rating, everything else really just delivers a huge blow.
  • Cons: This was the only review available with questionable authenticity which makes it difficult to form an opinion.
  • Links: LLC: (307) 331-0061 (Lic.# )

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: Superior plaster had only 1 review on yellowpages and it was a pretty general one that described no work performed or anything whatsoever, really.
  • Rating: The client gave a 5 (out of five) star rating to Superior Plaster.
  • Reviewers: The profile of the reviewer is similar to the previous company we just looked up and they only have one other review, aside from this one that is reviewing another stucco company just two days after.
  • Jobs Performed: Yet again, a very general comment was left with absolutely no description of what type of work was performed.
  • Pros: The review is positive and works in the favor of the business on Yellow Pages website, that’s about it.
  • Cons: There is only one review and the authenticity is questionable just like the last Yellow Pages contractor we looked up (AAA Stucco).
  • Links:


Rhino Systems Inc: (303) 722-4690 (Lic.# )

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: Rhino has two reviews on Yellow pages, both of which are supported by negative comments mainly due to a faulty product.
  • Rating: 1 star ratings were given out by both individuals who were utterly disappointed by the company’s lack of support we received after the stucco started having problems.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers look genuine as they have described the issue they are having with the products despite only having one single review each.
  • Jobs Performed: There was really no specifics given on what type of work that was performed but there were a couple of clues that led me to believe that one project was a new stucco installation and the other was a larger addition type project maybe.
  • Pros:  The reviews are very old, coming from 2009 and 2010 and the situation may be have improved since then but the only way we will ever know is with some more recent reviews.
  • Cons: Rhino Systems Inc. has a small list of complaints for not calling back the clients when the stucco cracked. The reviews are negative and old, more recent reviews could be used to form a more stable opinion about the company in question.
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J&J Plastering LLC: (720) 358-5726 (Lic.# )

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: There was only one review on for J & J Plastering and it was a positive but general comment.
  • Rating: The company received a 5 star rating from the client and no real reason for the feedback, in terms of specifics.
  • Reviewers: The reviewer has only this one review posted on yellow pages website and there is no work description or picture to support their claim.
  • Jobs Performed: Plastering or Stucco work but no evidence for the exact work description, so it’s hard to say.
  • Pros: This is a positive feedback comment and they recommend J & J Plastering. This is also a more recent review, so that was another positive.
  • Cons:  The feedback from the client can not be validated with so little info to go off of and I would have liked to seen more reviews or maybe just a more in depth comment describing the work performed, pics, etc.
  • Links:


Home Advisor’s Denver, CO Stucco Contractors

Home Advisor

Some Positives:

  • Even though there were only two companies on home advisors website, these two had so many reviews between the two of them, totaling close to 50 reviews combined.
  • The reviews were quite detailed and always are on home advisor, even when I was looking into contractors that serve the Denver Colorado region.

Some Negatives:

  • There is never a plethora of contractor listings in a specific city on home advisors website in general but I can usually find more than two, (like I did here) to see more companies listed would’ve been better in my eyes.

Stucco Done Right, LLC: (303) 542-9507 (Lic.#)home advisor logo

  • Reviews:  Stucco done Right has 37 reviews on home advisor, most of which are accompanied by positive reviews.
  • Rating: 32 out of 37 clients have given a  five star review while only 4 clients have given a 4 star review for an average rating of 4.81 out of 5.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers describe their experiences with Stucco Done Right in detail (most cases) along with the rating they gave.
  • Jobs Performed: Repairs and/or partially replace the stucco on the interior or exterior of the home.
  • Pros: The positive reviews are very numerous and go into detail about the work performed and what to expect. They are recommended by most of the clients and the description of the experience adds to the business’s worth.
  • Cons: The reviews are pretty strong but some photos of the work performed would add to the authenticity of the work and help in forming a judgement.
  • Links:


Top Notch Plastering, Inc.: (303) 323-0475 (Lic.#)

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Top Notch Plastering had 6 reviews on home advisor, all of which are positive.
  • Rating: Top Notch Plastering received 100% of reviewers giving them a 5 star review.
  • Reviewers: All of the customers seem original and genuine and their comments are accompanied by description of work performed and even a recommendation by most people.
  • Jobs Performed: Top notch has performed installation and repair of stucco for its customers but it is hard to pinpoint exact descriptions of the work with the feedback provided.
  • Pros: The reviews are all positive with detailed accounts of the work ethic, special requirements and attention to detail that was implemented.
  • Cons: All the reviews are older and more recent reviews would make this company’s review even better.
  • Links:

Complete List of Stucco Contractors That Serve The Denver Area: (click to open)
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