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I found a good amount of information on many different websites regarding stucco contractors in and around Chicago Illinois. I checked Yelps website, Home Advisor,, BBB and a couple of other online sources to gather as much information as I could.

I also emailed quite a few general contractors, stucco supply yards and other businesses in Chicago to see if I could get personal recommendations from real people, like we would do ourselves if we were looking to hire a reliable, quality contractor.

The results were great and I learned a lot in the process, much more than the average person would, I think and have a good idea of what to look for regarding plastering contractors in the Chicago, IL area.

Chicago Contractors On


Some of the good things:

  • There were four companies that had at least one review from real users.
  • The feedback that was given was quite detailed and all of the reviewers were more than happy to give their open and honest opinions on how the companies performed.

Some of the bad things:

  • I really wish their were more reviews to comb through, to get a better idea of the companies themselves and the work they perform.
  • Like all listings on yelp’s website, a lot of sorting and looking must be done in order to find plastering contractors because not every contractor in the list is necessarily a stucco contractor.


JK Precision Plastering, Inc: (312) 927-3547 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: There was only one review on Yelp’s website from one reviewer.
  • Rating: Even though only one review was left, it was a 5 star review that went into detail about the service provided, cleanliness and quality.
  • Reviewers: It seemed to be a genuine review from a real reviewer that has left other reviews on Yelp as well.
  • Jobs Performed: The job seemed to be stuccoing over wood siding or a recoat, I wasn’t  quite sure but that is what I got from the review that was left.
  • Pros: They seem to be experienced, clean and do quality work from what the reviewer stated.
  • Cons: More reviews would have been a lot better to make an overall judgement of the company.
  • Links:

Chicago Stucco Company: (847) 674-6756 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: Chicago Stucco Co. had 4 total reviews on, a much better figure than any other company had.
  • Rating: Out of those four reviewers, they had an overall rating of almost 5 stars.
  • Reviewers: The reviews were very genuine and went into detail about the work performed and how the overall project went, including the end result. They all had multiple reviews on Yelp’s website and were pleased with the overall experience.
  • Jobs Performed: The scope of the work involved was a couple of crack repair jobs and a recoat or new installation of stucco (not quite sure which one).
  • Pros: They are a very “customer orientated” company with an outstanding and professional work ethic, as stated by the reviewers.
  • Cons: They are quite busy, as one person commented on so getting in touch with someone after the job is completed may be a chore.
  • Links:

Chicago Masonry Construction, Inc.: (312) 927-3547 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: Chicago Masonry Construction Inc. had one review on Yelp and it happened to be a 4 star rating, so not as good as it could have been but not bad overall.
  • Rating: Like I stated above, the rating was 4 stars out of a total 5.
  • Reviewers: The reviewer in this case had three other reviews that they left on Yelp and stated that they are a “tough grader” and a 4 star review is really good for them.
  • Jobs Performed: The job that was performed was a repair job, a leak to be exact at the foundation of the house.
  • Pros: The one review boasted some impressive results, even though it was the only one. The hard reviews that the customer gives out and the fact that they were squeezed in on a Sunday, despite their busy schedule was a big plus.
  • Cons: Like many of the other companies listed on Yelp, one review is just not enough to go off of and I would have liked to seen more ratings.
  • Links:

Pitelka Plastering & Stucco: (312) 927-3547 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: Pitelka Plastering came in with only one single review (surprise, surprise!) but it was a detailed one that was very positive.
  • Rating: The single individual gave Pitelka Plastering a five star rating though, after having multiple issues with their existing stucco.
  • Reviewers: The rating came from a person who has several different reviews on Yelp’s website and is an active member of the community.
  • Jobs Performed: It was hard to pinpoint the exact process that was applied but repairs and a recoat on the reviewer’s home would be my guess.
  • Pros: The craftsmanship and quality that was stated is one of the better points made about Pitelka Plastering.
  • Cons: As always, more reviews would have been nice to see.
  • Links:

Stucco Contractors In The Chicago Area On

Yellow Pages

Some of the good stuff:

  • had many more contractors listed that fit under lath and plaster than any other website, even though I still had to sort through the results to make sure they were actually plastering companies.
  • Like yelp’s website, I found four different companies that offered stucco services in and around the Chicago Illinois area that had at least one user rating.

Some of the bad stuff:

  • I would have liked to see more reviews on different companies, in order to take a better overall comparison.
  • Some of the reviews were little bit general in nature and a description of the work performed, craftsmanship, quality and other assets would’ve been very helpful to have read.


Terry Exteriors: (855) 750-3209 (Lic.# )Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: I found a good number of reviews on (11 in total).
  • Rating: The overall rating for Terry Exteriors was 5/5 stars.
  • Reviewers: Many of the reviewers had only one review that they have ever left, which is always disappointing because the credibility of the authenticity suffers a bit.
  • Jobs Performed: From the sounds of the folks who left reviews, I would have to say that they performed mostly repair work and maybe a couple of recoats.
  • Pros: The feedback was great, which is going to be mentioned in the negative side as well, just because they received a perfect score and each reviewer only left a review for this company alone.
  • Cons: The only real downside to Terry Exteriors on Yellow Pages website was the reviews lacking other reviews to go off of.
  • Links:

Chicago Stucco Company: (844) 568-1195 (Lic.# ?)Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: There was only one person who left a review for this company on
  • Rating: This was a single review with a 5 star rating and not enough data to give a good overall comparison.
  • Reviewers: There was only one reviewer, like I stated above and this is the only review they left on Yellow Pages website.
  • Jobs Performed: No specific job desc. was mentioned in the review, all it stated was that they had a good reputation and do good work.
  • Pros: Chicago Stucco Company has a couple of reviews on different websites and seem to be a reputable and reliable company, even though did not have enough data to go off of.
  • Cons: The lack of reviewers was really the only down side on this one.
  • Links:

Oak Park Stucco: (708) 386-2372 (Lic.# ?)Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: Forest Park Stucco only had one single rating, just like the other two companies.
  • Rating: The single review was a 5 star rating.
  • Reviewers: The reviewer only had this single review and no other reviews on so it was hard to make a decision based on those facts.
  • Jobs Performed: No job descriptions were stated in the reviews for Forest Park Stucco, just a general statement on how good the companies work was.
  • Pros: The review was from a customer who has used them before and continues to use them on a regular basis, which is always a good sign.
  • Cons: Again, only one review is hardly enough to get a real good idea of how the company operates and the kind of work they put out.
  • Links:

Forest Park Stucco: (708) 919-5465 (Lic.# ?)Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: Oak Park Stucco only had three reviews on the Yellow Pages website, a little better than what the other companies had.
  • Rating: Out of those three reviews, an average rating of 3 ½ stars out of 5 total. This was because two reviewers gave them 5 stars and one reviewer gave them 1 star, which dropped their overall rating quite a bit.
  • Reviewers: Even though the three reviewers had only one review in their profiles (for this company) they seemed genuine and very descriptive.
  • Jobs Performed: From what I read, there were repairs, a recoat on an entire home done and new stucco added to a home. So a little bit of everything, in this case.
  • Pros: The reviews seemed descriptive and genuine and displayed almost every aspect of the stucco process.
  • Cons: The one negative review was more about promising the homeowner that a problem would be fixed and after a leak occurred, I am under the assumption that a roofer should have fixed it in the first place, not a stucco guy..
  • Links:

Home Advisor

I found one company that was specifically a stucco company and had to dig through reviews left for one company to find stucco related repairs, seeing as how they were a general contractor. The experience was somewhat disappointing because I did not find a lot of companies but the one I found had great reviews with an excellent reputation.

Some Positives:

  • There were a good amount of reviews for one of the companies listed on the site.
  • Most of the reviews had a job description, which always helps to understand what type of skills a particular company excels at.

Some Negatives:

  • There were only two companies that had reviews for stucco related projects that serviced the Chicago area. Only one was a dedicated lath and plaster company and the other one was more of a general contractor, not specializing in stucco solely.
  • The lack of companies was a major downfall, especially knowing how many stucco businesses serve the Chicago, IL area.

Smith Plastering Inc.: (678) 798-4062 (Lic.# )home advisor logo

  • Reviews: There was a whopping 22 reviews left for Smith Plastering Inc. on Home Advisor’s website, even though some of them were general descriptions.
  • Rating: The overall rating for this company was nearly 5 stars out of 5 total.
  • Reviewers: Even though some of the reviews stated very general comments like “the work was clean and good quality” there were enough that went into detail about the bid process, workmanship and on time completion of projects.
  • Jobs Performed: Most of the jobs were repair type jobs and/or replacing part of the stucco on the structure.
  • Pros: There were a ton of positive reviews to go through and they have a reputation that really shines, based on the follow-up work and referrals they receive.
  • Cons: The only downside is the fact that they are based out of Lansing, so it is 25 miles (roughly) to Chicago.
  • Links:

Royal Construction: (847) 989-8821 (Lic.# )home advisor logo

  • Reviews: They had almost 150 on Home Advisor’s website but only 5 were related to stucco, so we will look at the 5. They are general contractors and can perform a lot of different services and is why the reviews are plentiful.
  • Rating: Out of the total five reviews, they had an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers actually were descriptive and stated that the work performed was a good price, completed on time and ended up looking great.
  • Jobs Performed: Almost all of the jobs that Royal Construction performed were repair/patching type jobs that were mixed with other mason related services.
  • Pros: They had fairly good reviews on Home Advisor and can perform other masonry projects at the same time.
  • Cons: The fact that they provide different service is also going to be a disadvantage because a company that specializes in a specific trade is oftentimes more experienced and more efficient at it. They also had poor reviews on other websites like and one on BBB’s website.
  • Links:


  • Stucco Supply yard recommendations: I plan on calling  around the various stucco supply yards in and around the Chicago, IL area, who talk with the various contractors coming soonon a regular basis and really know who does good work consistently.
  • General contractor recommendations: I want to list a few contractors that a general contractor recommends and uses themselves, because they rely on a sub-contractors each and every day and can surely recommend a pre-screened company that does great work.
  • Tools: I will provide links to helpful sites to help you refine your search even further, so you can feel comfortable with the choice you make.

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Complete List of Stucco Contractors That Serve The Chicago Area: (click to open)


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