Hiring Stucco Contractors In Albuquerque, Any Recommendations?

I wanted to look around and try to find some recommendations for some of the best stucco contractors in and around the Albuquerque New Mexico area so I went on a scavenger hunt of sorts and found a whole bunch of information that I wanted to share with everybody.

I went to different review websites to try to see if I could get any kind of feedback from previous clients, which is what we all would probably do if we were looking to hire anyone, not just the stucco contractor. Referrals and recommendations are one of the best things to come across one finding a new contractor. Here’s what I found and I hope it helps you.

Albequerque NM Contractors On Yelp.com:


Some of the good things:

  • Despite having only one company to report back on with reviews, or should I say one review, but it is better than having nothing at all, beggars can’t be choosers after all.

Some of the bad things:

  • After I had to erase one of the companies on my list, I was left with only one single company that had any sort of reviews on yelp’s website.
  • One company had reviews when I checked and when I went back to report the details, the reviews were gone. So I had to discard the company (BW Earp Lath & Plaster) alltogether.


Perez Plaster Corporation: (505) 452-9377 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: There was only one review on Yelp’s website from a single reviewer and it was a very detailed one at that.
  • Rating: Even though there was only 1 review available, it was a 5 star rating giving not only a great review of the company but also discussing the job entailed.
  • Reviewers: The review left seemed genuinely happy with the work done.This was the second time she had used them.
  • Jobs Performed: The job done was an addition to a new purchase with already existing stucco. But previous work had been done for this reviewer on a condo.
  • Pros: Quality work, clean and efficient with time. They have been in business since 1995.
  • Cons: More reviews would have been great to get more of a feel direct from customers.
  • Links:


Stucco Contractors In The Chicago Area On YellowPages.com

Yellow Pages

Some of the good stuff:

  • After a very disappointing listing on yelp’s website, Yellow Pages website came through with a total of three different companies that had feedback left by past customers.
  • There were not a whole lot of reviews for each company but it does give a little bit of insight on each one and gives you little bit better idea of what to expect from that particular company in general.

Some of the bad stuff:

  • Of course, more reviews for each company would’ve been ideal to see and is one of the major complaints I can see where the Albuquerque Yellow Pages listings.
  • There were quite a few stucco contractors listed in the Albuquerque area on Yellow Pages website but only these three companies have reviews which was a bit of a disappointment especially knowing how many different companies were listed.


B.W. Earp, Inc.: (505) 596-0281 (Lic.# )Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: I found one review on Yellow Pages.
  • Rating: However the rating given was 5 stars out of 5
  • Reviewers: The reviewer seemed genuine in the review given.
  • Jobs Performed: From the single review left it seems that the job was a patch.
  • Pros: The reviewer stated that B.W. Warp did a great job  not only with the patch but blending in from new stucco to old
  • Cons: The only real downside to B.W. Earp, Inc on Yellow Pages website was the reviews lacking other reviews to go off of.
  • Links:

Reule Sun Corporation: (505) 395-6863 (Lic.# ?)

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: There were 3 reviews left for Reule Sun Corporation.
  • Rating: All 3 reviewers left a 5 star rating.
  • Reviewers: All 3 reviewers spoke very highly of Reule Sun Corp. All seemed very genuine in their view of the company.
  • Jobs Performed: Jobs ranged from additions, repairing old stucco that had leaks and complete refinishing of homes.
  • Pros: It seems that their professionalism and communication go above what most people expect of a stucco company.
  • Cons: None beyond having more customers leave reviews for them.
  • Links:


Perez Plaster Corp: (505) 452-9377 (Lic.# ?)

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: Perez Plaster Corp had only 1 review on Yellow Pages.
  • Rating: They have been given 5 stars by the 1 reviewer.
  • Reviewers: The reviewer seemed the genuinely like the work performed by this plastering company.
  • Jobs Performed: From what I gathered Perez Plaster Corp refinished an older stucco home owned by the reviewer.
  • Pros: Not a lot could be gathered from the single review. She stated that their pricing was affordable and she recommends them.
  • Cons: Only 1 single review to be found on Yellow Pages.
  • Links:

And On Home Advisor’s Site…

Home Advisor

Some Positives:

  • Home advisor had most of the reviews for the companies are chosen the elder Kirk the area and in fact out of the three companies I have listed, more than 100 reviews were found.
  • Most of the reviews provide the scope of work that was performed, along with detailed descriptions of how the project went and the quality of the work.

Some Negatives:

  • With so many different reviews on each company, I would really like to have seen more stucco companies listed so I could have gathered more information to make a better overall comparison.


Rio Grande Lath & Plaster: (678) 798-4062 (Lic.# 53964 )home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Nice to see 11 reviews for Rio Grande Lath & Plaster.
  • Rating: The overall rating for this company was about 4.75 stars, basically 10 out of the 11 gave them between 4 and 5 stars.
  • Reviewers: Most reviews left where very descriptive and praising while others just mentioned how excellent their work was.
  • Jobs Performed: Everything from patches to full home stucco.
  • Pros: From what I read about them they are very timely in not only getting out to give an estimate but to get the job completed and cleaned up.
  • Cons: The only real con I saw was in regards to a job that one customer was unhappy with, but all in all nearly everyone else would recommend them.
  • Links:


Cruz’s Lath and Plaster, Inc.: (847) 989-8821 (Lic.# 94736 )

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: They had 28 reviews on Home Advisor. I am unsure if they are a general as they do repair work, but stucco is their main line of business. Rating: Out of the total five reviews, they had an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers were very happy to give detailed review for this company. Everyone was incredibly pleased with the service they were given.
  • Jobs Performed: Interior and exterior stucco. From repairs, patches, whole house stucco and interior plastering.
  • Pros: Raving reviews about work ethic, time it took to do the job, the standards to which Cruz’s Lath holds to themselves when doing jobs seems to be very important to them.
  • Cons: I really couldn’t find any cons. They seem to be reliable and trustworthy.
  • Links:


BluSky NM, Drywall, Lath & Plaster, Inc.: (847) 989-8821 (Lic.# 351997 )

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: This company had 88 reviews on Home Advisor.
  • Rating: Out of the total 88 reviews, they had an average rating of 4.8/5 stars.
  • Reviewers: The customers who left reviews were thrilled to have done business with this company. Very descriptive about things from meeting times to the actual construction and the clean up.
  • Jobs Performed: The types of jobs performed by BluSky Lath and Plaster were new verried. Ranging from new construction to additions to patches.
  • Pros: They seem to cover all aspects of stucco and plaster, interior and exterior and they come recommended by nearly all 88 of the reviewers.
  • Cons: None that I could find
  • Links:


  • Stucco Supply yard recommendations: eventually, I would like to call around and get even more recommendations from local places like stucco supply yards. My thought is that since these companies know how much business stucco contractors bring in and how they are in person it would be a great recommendation to have.
  • General contractor recommendations: I want to list a few contractors that a general contractor recommends and uses themselves, because they rely on a sub-contractors each and every day and can surely recommend a pre-screened company that does great work.
  • Tools: I will provide links to helpful sites to help you refine your search even further, so you can feel comfortable with the choice you make.
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