Stucco Contractors Colorado Springs, Who’s The Best?

It was a little bit difficult to find reviews and ratings on different stucco contractors in and around the Colorado Springs area for a number of different reasons but I did find a few and put a good amount of research into each one of them. This page is going to highlight what I found so that anyone else looking to hire a contractor in the Colorado Springs area can have a little bit of a “cheat sheet” so to speak.

I will always be updating my findings as much as I can and am always looking for feedback from other people to help make the page better. So any suggestions or recommendations you have greatly help me out, feel free to leave them in the comments section down at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Colorado Springs, CO Contractors On


Some of the good things:

  • The fact there was only two different companies to review was actually better than having none at all which I have come across.
  • There were a lot of different stucco contractors listed on the Yelp’s website even though the majority of them did not have any ratings I could go through it is still a good list for individuals looking for a couple of different bids.

Some of the bad things:

  • I was really disappointed to see only two companies that had any sort of rating on yelps website because usually I can find at least three or four companies to evaluate.
  • Having only two companies to review in the Colorado Springs area on Yelp’s website would’ve been better if the two companies actually had a substantial number of reviews but there was only one or two per company so that was another disappointment.


Elite Stucco Systems: (719) 447-1122 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Elite Stucco Systems at only one review on yelp which was a one star review so pretty negative experience.
  • Rating: As I mentioned before there was a one star review and it was basically after the client had gotten an estimate and had an appointment date when work was supposed to be done and nobody ever showed up.
  • Reviewers: The single reviewer at well over 30 other reviews on yelp’s website and checked out to be quite reliable resource.
  • Jobs Performed: No work was actually performed by the company because they were not able to show up on the day they said they would.
  • Pros: There were no positive attributes to this review seeing as how I only have one ready to go off of and it was only a one star rating. The review was back in 2011 so the company could get a few more positive reviews to balance out that negative one.
  • Cons: The bad points are already made obvious and I don’t think I need to reinforce them in this section.
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RT Stucco Inc: (719) 632-9000 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: RT Stucco Inc. had a total of two different reviews on yelp’s website which were not very good at all.
  • Rating: The company received two 1 star reviews but not because of the work performed, it was due to not showing up to even give an estimate for the work.
  • Reviewers: Both reviewers have a good number of reviews on to solidify the fact that they are real people with real profiles and they stated the problems they had regarding RT Stucco’s service.
  • Jobs Performed: No work was performed, like you mentioned earlier and the company failed to provide an estimate for both customers.
  • Pros: There were really no positive remarks that I could think of, one review was from 2011 and the other one was more current from 2016.
  • Cons: The downsides are quite obvious that I’ve stated them in the other sections of this review.
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Stucco Contractors In The Colorado Springs Area On

Yellow Pages

Some of the good stuff:

  • A couple of the plastering companies listed on Yellow Pages website had a fair number of reviews to come through and I really got a good feel for what the company is all about and what their quality of work is.
  • There were a few different companies listed that have reviews in the Colorado Springs area even though a couple of them only have one or two reviews.

Some of the bad stuff:

  • On a couple of the different companies I looked at, the reviews seemed fraudulent, or business owners commenting on their own page or bashing other competitors ratings.
  • Some of the comments were a little bit outdated and not very recent. One company even have reviews dating back all the way to 2009.



Gonzalez Stucco: (719) 355-0925 (Lic.# )

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: The was a total of 16 reviews on Yellow Pages website for Gonzalez Stucco which were mixed reviews, some good and some bad.
  • Rating: I found 12 ratings that provided a five star review for the services and four reviewers gave them one star.
  • Reviewers: There was a lot of back-and-forth amongst some of the reviewers stating that other contractors were leaving bad reviews on their competitors pages. What I noticed is a lot of the negative reviews are left by individuals with only one single review on Yellow Pages which looks kind of suspicious to me.
  • Jobs Performed: The only comment that I could find a description of the work performed was in one persons and that was interior stucco work.
  • Pros: They seem to have a very good track record dating back from 2012 all the way up to 2016.
  • Cons: The profiles of the actual reviewers might make me second-guess some of the reviews either because they only had one single review, the users signed up in the same month of the same year (groups of reviewers)  and various other aspects. This doesn’t look very natural in my opinion.
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Quality Stucco & Stone: (719) 638-6458 (Lic.# )

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: There were total five reviews left a by people for Quality Stucco And Stone and it was really a mixed bag of good and bad things to say.
  • Rating: Quality Stucco And Stone had an overall rating of three and half stars on Yellow Pages, three of them were one star ratings and the other two were four and five star ratings.
  • Reviewers: The people who left reviews only have one single review they have ever left on the website, some of them having two that really is not a good sign for the credibility of the reviewers themselves. I suspect that some of the reviews may not be 100% genuine.
  • Jobs Performed: Out of all of these five comments left for Quality Stucco And Stone, none of them stated what work was performed so I have nothing to go off of for this section.
  • Pros: It was really hard to find any type of positive feedback for the company mainly due to the issues I had with the reviewers and their credibility.
  • Cons: The negative aspects I’ve already touched on and don’t feel like I should repeat them here in this section.
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Kenyon Plastering Inc: (719) 473-5885 (Lic.# )

Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: Kenyon Plastering only had one review on Yellow Page’s website and it was a one star rating.
  • Rating: The one star rating was because of the company not returning the customers phone calls to come out and do some repair work.
  • Reviewers: Not much I can say in the way of the actual people who review the company because there is only one person. This is the only review she has on the website also so that is not giving me much more to go off of.
  • Jobs Performed: There was no work performed at the client’s house, the company just failed to return her phone calls and never actually made it out to the jobsite.
  • Pros: Again, there’s not enough data to make any type of positive assessment other than the fact that the single review was left back in 2012 so the company could boost their marks by having some more recent, positive reviews.
  • Cons: The big factors were really that I just didn’t have enough data to go off of I would’ve liked to have seen many more reviews for the company to get a better idea and overall comparison.
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Kenley Plaster & Stucco: (719) 574-2543 (Lic.# )Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: There was only one single review for Kenley Plaster & Stucco, which is equivalent to a lot of the other companies listed.
  • Rating: The rating of this review was a very disappointing one star and was due to a no follow-up e-mail giving the client an estimate.
  • Reviewers: The single reviewer only had two total reviews on Yellow Pages website and they were both negative stating the same exact problem.
  • Jobs Performed: Since no-bid was given, there is no record of any work performed for the person who left the review.
  • Pros: No positive comments can be made with the amount of information I have go off for Kenley Plaster and Stucco. The review was from 2009 so a few more updated and positive reviews would help the company immensely.
  • Cons: The only thing I could really see wrong (if the review is in fact genuine) is to get back with the customer as soon as possible to give them an estimate on the work to be performed.
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Home Advisor

Some Positives:

  • Home Advisor usually has some really great reviews and even tells you what kind of work was performed, even though maybe a little but general in nature sometimes.

Some Negatives:

  • There are usually at least four companies that I can pull some data from but in this case I can only find two that had any type of ratings to go through.
  • Out of these two stucco companies they didn’t have very many reviews compared to some of the contractors that I can find on the home advisors website.

Rainbows End Stucco: (719) 445-2849 (Lic.#)

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Rainbows End Stucco had a total of six reviews on home advisors websites with the majority of them being positive.
  • Rating: the overall rating for Rainbows End Stucco was nearly a five star rating but the reviews themselves were pretty short and didn’t really provide a whole lot of detail about the job.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers found the quality of the work, the price and the ability to keep the jobsite claim throughout the whole process were some of the common comments left by the reviewers.
  • Jobs Performed: From Reading the ratings and comments people left I would say that three of the jobs were repair type jobs and the remaining two were larger projects consisting of new stucco.
  • Pros: The company had very good ratings among all the customers and is able to perform quality work on time and provides reasonable rates.
  • Cons: Only having six reviews to go through, especially on home advisors website was kind of a downfall in the fact that all of these reviews were left in 2015 was the other improvement that could be made.
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A V Company: (720) 506-7550 (Lic.#)home advisor logo

  • Reviews: The AV Company had three reviews on home advisor and like the other company they were pretty short and generic solid and really have much information within them.
  • Reviewers: Like I stated all of the comments were pretty general stating that they finish the work, the professional and did an excellent job. I would’ve really liked to have seen more detail within the reviews.
  • Jobs Performed: According to home advisor, one of the jobs was a repair job in the other 2 were install or completely replace traditional type of stucco. The comments themselves did not go into detail about the job or the work performed.
  • Pros: They made their customers happy and two of them even stated they would not hesitate to use them again and would likely recommend them to others.
  • Cons: The major downside to this company was the fact that there were only three reviews to go through which would have been a little bit better if the reviews would’ve had more detailed accounts of the work performed.
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Google Reviews In The Colorado Springs Area…

Google Reviews

Some Positives:

  • The reviews, for the most part were quite detailed and gave a lot of information into how the job went overall than what the experience was like.

Some Negatives:

  • I was a little bit disappointed when I could only find two different plastering companies that had any type of feedback listed on Google Reviews.
  • One of the companies that were listed didn’t have very good quality comments or user profiles to go with the authenticity that I typically look for.

Gonzalez Stucco & Stone: (719) 231-8033 (Lic.#)google_reviews_icon

  • Reviews: Gonzalez Stucco had 12 ratings in total on google reviews and they were angry comments even though they didn’t provide much information about the work that was performed.
  • Reviewers: Most of the reviewers only have one single review their entire profile which is not preferred, I like to see multiple reviews from each user but the comments were thoughtful so I will give them more points for that.
  • Jobs Performed: There was absolutely no detail in any of the comments that describe the work performed so I really couldn’t determine whether it was repair type work, new stucco installation or what.
  • Pros: The feedback from the clients was very positive and even some of the negative comments were answered by a representative from the company replied back apologizing and gave them a little bit of reassurance.
  • Cons: I would really like for the reviewers to have more than one single review so it would be easier to make sure they were authentic and genuine ratings.
  • Links:


Quality Stucco & Stone: (719) 638-6458 (Lic.#)


  • Reviews: There a total of seven Google reviews for Quality Stucco and Stone and it was really a mixed bag.
  • Reviewers: The reviewers gave the company an overall rating of three and half stars, which is not all that great. One of the reviews I didn’t really count because it sounded like someone from a company actually wrote the review and it was hard to tell whether this was actually true or not.
  • Jobs Performed: There was quite a bit of detail on the work that was performed by the positive reviews and the majority of them were stucco installation and stone veneer installation.
  • Pros: The company did have success with a couple of people and can in fact improve their overall rating by responding to more of the negative reviews and getting people were satisfied with their work to give them feedback on Google Reviews website.
  • Cons: The negative feedback overwhelm the positive which is never good thing and the most recent review was also a negative one.
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