Q and A Stucco Sessions

This is a special segment where I take user submitted questions and answer them through short Q and A voice sessions.Q and A Logo fitted

This is so exciting and I think that it will have a huge impact on my ability to reach out to people and deliver answers to their questions in a way more personal style.

How Do I Ask A Question?

On the right hand side of your screen, there is a tab that says “Ask Me A Question“, click on it and it takes you to a page where you can leave me a voice mail message, using a microphone that is either built in to your computer or externally mounted somewhere.

Follow the prompts that follow:

  1. Click on the button that says “Start Recording
  2. Click on the button that says “allow” which enables your microphone and
  3. Start talking

I will edit the recordings myself and remove any pauses or mistakes that you made, so don’t worry about it being perfect. You do have the ability to rerecord if you would like to, in case you missed something or just totally messed up the first time around.


Q and A Sessions:

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Session 1: Stucco Re-Coats

This Q and A session talks a little bit about stucco re-coats, how they work, when they can be used and other helpful information like that. It is a hot topic that is commonly asked and most of the questions that I receive from folks overlap and are really the same type of questions, so I wanted to talk about the different options available to you and give you guys a better understanding of what to expect. Hope you like it!


Session 2: What’s A Margin And Pointer Trowel Used For?

In this session, we will go over a little bit about margin and pointer trowel in general. They are useful tools and come in handy in many different circumstances, no matter whether you happen to be mixing mud, scraping down walls or spreading in “hard to reach areas”. Listen in and see what I have to say about these multi-purpose tolls of the trade.

Helpful links in this session:


Session 3: A Sto Stucco And Benjamin Moore Color Matching Question

I had a question regarding matching a Sto Color with a Benjamin Moore Color and thought that this would be a great opportunity to talk about how you can match stucco colors from a color chart with a paint manufacturer’s paint color. There are a few really good tips in this episode and some helpful insight regarding color matching.

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Session 4: Matching Texture And Color For Additions And Future Projects

This particular question was asked by Barbara and is something that everyone should consider for future reference. The question was regarding adding on to your home and being able to match the texture and color. This is a great question and is well worth the thought!


Session 5: Stucco vs T-111 Siding, What Will Last Longer?

What is a better siding… T-111 or stucco? I guess it all comes down to which one will outlast the other one, right? This episode discusses some of the differences between the two and helps shed some light on the subject.


Session 6: Repairing A Spot Under The Gutter

In this episode, I was asked a question regarding repair on the eave (ceiling) of a gentleman’s home. I talk about a couple of different scenarios and how to go about remedying them. If you guys ask me a question regarding repair, please be as specific as possible, so I can answer your question to the best of my ability. Hope you like it!

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Session 7: What Ingredients Are Used To Make Stucco?

In this episode, I was asked what ingredients make up a stucco mix. This is really just for base coat mixes and not finishes because finish coats are pre-blended and making your own is not really recommended. Check it out.


Session 8: Is It More Expensive To Use Smooth Stucco Texture?

In this episode, we will discuss some of the many variables when it comes to the overall cost of a particular texture. Different textures require different techniques, amounts of material and other things that come into play.


Session 9: Should I Add Color To The Finish Coat Or Paint Later On?

The finish coat is usually colored in most stucco systems used today but is that the best way to do it, or is painting the stucco after it has cured better? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.


Session 10: Is It Normal For Stucco To Crack Within The First Seven Years?

When it comes to cracking, I always get folks who ask if it is normal for a building to crack within “X” amount of time and the question today is one of those. Seven years is quite a long time and we will discuss some of the variables that cause cracks and what’s to be expected.