Mediterranean “Style” Stucco Homes

Mediterranean “Style” Stucco Homes

I have always loved the look of a Mediterranean style home that is finished in stucco, it has a look and feel of elegance and beauty. The arches and “mottled” stucco that is oftentimes found in the finish is what really makes it authentic. Here are some of the best examples I found across the web and my favorite styles and colors…


Mediterranean Style Stucco

This home was stuccoed in a lighter color with heavy highlights added on top of it, that really bring out the tall arches and windows in the front. Notice the retaining wall towards the bottom of the image, you can really see the color variance.



Another Mediterranean Style Stucco Home

This picture from really shows some darker mottling done with a darker color on top that gives this outdoor patio an old world feel to it.



Mediterranian Theme With Rocks To Match

This is an example of what I would call a more elegant type of finish. The rock archways and complimentary lights and darks of the stucco really go well together.



Beautiful New Construction With A Mediterranian Influence

The mottling is a little more difficult to see in this picture but the overall look of the house has a very “Mediterranean” feel to it. The rounded turrets and arches break up a lot of the hard lines and really makes the building flow.



A More Modern Example

This is a great example of a more modern mediterranean look would be. The light subtle differences between the two-toned colors and the landscaping make for a clean Tuscan look that I think is very attractive.



A Beautiful Stucco Home With Less Arches

This is a very different design, but what I would still consider to be Mediterranean in style. Notice that there are really no pop-outs on the building anywhere and even the trim is relatively flat against the wall, compared to more traditional types of buildings built this way.



A White "Mediterranian Style" Home

I wanted to add this house in this list because I believe it is a mix of Mediterranean meets Spanish styling. The roof and roof line details make it a little bit Mediterranean while the other aspects are more like a Spanish Style home.



Another Great Example

I really like the simplicity and details that are balanced here. There is really not a ton of detailed trims, arches, windows, etc. but enough that the contrast is just right. The color choice of the stucco is fantastic and the rock blends in very nicely.



A Very "Ritzy" Version

This is a really nice home and it really stood out, mainly because of the awesome lighting that was used. The overall look does have that “Mediterranean” look and feel to it and the use of all of the archways are a very nice addition.



Tuscan - Mediterranian Stucco Vibes

This home has a unique look to it with the stucco and rock combination going on. There is a bit more rock being used , mainly on the bottom and the stucco covers the upper portion of the building. Notice how the color is not mottled either, it is a solid color.



Another Tuscan-Mediterranian Example Of A Stucco House

This home uses a yellowish stucco finish to achieve its own version of the “Mediterranean” look and has some nice color variation. Notice how the roof-line and soffit details are very minimal but still add a lot of customization, at the same time.



Beautiful Rock Work That Compliments This Mediterranian Stucco Home

I love the look of this house, I thing the color and stone combo give it an authentic “old world feel” and it reallystands out, even though the lines are fairly simple and somewhat box shaped.


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