Las Vegas Stucco Contractors, How Should I Choose?

There was a bunch of information on stucco contractors in the Las Vegas area and I compiled my findings here for anyone who is interested in them. I checked review sites for local feedback like, Yelp and a few other online resources to gather as much information as I could on as many companies as I could.

The list of information will be an ongoing process for me, updating information, finding new stuff and constantly posting these to this page. So feel free to browse around what I have already accumulated to see if it helps.

Las Vegas, NV Contractors On


Some of the good things:

  • There were actually a lot of different companies listed on Yelp’s site that served the Las Vegas area, even though most didn’t have any reviews to comb through.

Some of the bad things:

  • Out of the three companies, only one had a good number of reviews to go off of, a major downside but then again, there is a little data to look through, so it was better than nothing.


A-1 Stucco Inc: (702) 434-0344 (Lic.# ?)Yelp

  • Reviews: A-1 Stucco Inc. had one review on Yelp which was a negative one and was not recommended by the reviewer. No work was performed though.
  • Rating: The reviewer gave the company 1 star and was a dissatisfied customer, that is all that was really said.
  • Reviewers:  The reviewer seemed genuine as he was upset with the company’s irresponsible attitude and he had 31 total reviews in his profile, so an avid user of Yelp.
  • Jobs Performed: The company has just given an estimate to the company and did not revert for further work or communication, so hard to judge their quality of work.
  • Pros: There was not enough feedback for this section, which was a bit disappointing.
  • Cons: There is no website to contact the company and no other reviews on Yelp, so there is little help in forming a solid opinion about the business in general.
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Huntsman Plastering Inc.: (702) 438-0195 (Lic.# ?)



  • Reviews: Huntsman plastering Inc. had two reviews on Yelp at the time. Both of these were positive and were very detailed stating what work was done and how clean the job was.
  • Rating: Both the clients had given the business a 5-star review along with a good comment and a high recommendation to their neighbors, who saw they finished product.
  • Reviewers: Both the reviewers seemed original as they have 5 and 9 other reviews on Yelp, respectively. This is a good sign and displays reputability among these reviewers.
  • Jobs Performed: The jobs sounded like recoat jobs, one over an exterior wall of a home and the other over a retaining wall. The jobs were performed in accordance with the client’s needs and they mentioned the great work ethic and cleanliness on the contractor’s part.
  • Pros: Both reviewers recommended Huntsman and sons to other users, which is always a good sign. One of the reviewers recommended them as a more general type of recommendation and the other review that was left stated that two neighbors were interested in having work done after seeing the finished project.
  • Cons: There are just two reviews on Yelp’s website which are not really enough for me to form a solid judgement about the business. A few more reviews could strengthen it, along with a working website.
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Sierra Masonry: (702) 270-3000 (Lic.# ?)


  • Reviews: Sierra Masonry had 14 reviews on yelp’s website, out of which 8 were not recommended (and hidden) and one was a bad review.
  • Rating: Most of the reviews had a 5-star rating with a good comment to go along with the project outcome except for one bad review which was basically a miscommunication from the sounds of it and isn’t a reflection of the work performed..
  • Reviewers: 6 out of 14 reviews looked real as they were recent and they went into detail about the work performed. About 4 of the reviewers only had one or two reviews total on Yelp’s website, so I wouldn’t consider those as strong as the others.
  • Jobs Performed: They are masonry contractors, for the most part but one reviewer stated that they did some stucco work for them and it turned out great so I thought I would throw them into the list.
  • Pros: There were a lot of positive reviews appreciating the professionalism and job performance of the company and its employees.
  • Cons: The few reviewers that only had one or two reviews was an upset for me and the fact that 6 reviews were hidden (in a way) on Yelp’s website which made them hard to find.
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Stucco Contractors In The Las Vegas Area On

Yellow Pages

Some of the good stuff:

  • There was a review left for a single company, not much to go off of but it is better than nothing at all.
  • The single review was quite detailed and went into depth about the services rendered, so that was a nice addition.

Some of the bad stuff:

  • There was only one company on Yellowpage’s website that had any sort of reviews I could look at. So no comparisons could be made between the different companies listed here.
  • With only one company to review, it only had one reviewer that left feedback. Not very much to go off of at all and a bit disappointing.



Las Vegas Drywall & Stucco: (555) 555-1597 (Lic.# ?)Yellow Pages Logo

  • Reviews: There was only one review on for Las Vegas Drywall and stucco. This was a positive review though, even though it was more about the drywall side of the business.
  • Rating: The reviewer gave a 5-star review with a good amount of detail on the job and what was being addressed.
  • Reviewers:  The reviewer has reviewed 15 businesses on YP, which is an indication of an authentic and original account with honest reviews.
  • Jobs Performed: Drywall work and re-piping work, which was a bit disappointing and had nothing to do with stucco.
  • Pros: The work was positively done and the client seemed satisfied with the performance but gave no specifics on the work performed.
  • Cons: There is just one review, which is not sufficient enough to rely on, more reviews are needed to form a better opinion.
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Home Advisor’s Website:

Home Advisor

Some Positives:

  • The two companies that were listed had a very healthy amount of feedback from a number of past clients. This really made for a good overall comparison and really gave a lot of insight as to what to expect.
  • The comments seemed very genuine and mixed, meaning high ratings, average ones and a couple of lower ratings, which is always a good sign.

Some Negatives:

  • One of the companies listed had some more general comments that didn’t provide detail into the work that was performed so I could not pull anything from those types of comments.

A-1 Stucco, Inc.:  702-824-9974  (Lic.# 0032992)home advisor logo

  • Reviews: A-1 stucco, Inc. has 37 reviews on home advisor. With a mixture of good and some average comments, along with a few bad experiences.
  • Rating: They had an average of 4.5 stars with a majority of 24 reviewers giving 5 stars, 9 reviewers giving a 4-star review and the rest a lower rating. The majority of reviews were accompanied by positive feedback about the job performed but were general in nature.
  • Reviewers: The reviews seemed original as they had been verified by the website and there was no duplication of reviews. There is no way to check user profiles however to see past history.
  • Jobs Performed: The various jobs varied from installation of new stucco, stucco repair and partially replacing stucco.
  • Pros: The clients, for the most part, were impressed by the work quality and performance, accompanied by on schedule completion deadlines..
  • Cons:  A few of the clients considered A-1 stucco to be pricy and an average of 4 star stars is given to the value for money category. The few negative comments are always something to look out for as well.
  • Links:


Silverstone Construction, Inc. :  (702) 439-6000(Lic.# 0078382)

home advisor logo

  • Reviews: Silverstone constructions Inc. has 26 reviews on home advisors with a lot of reviewers giving a positive comment and fairly detailed specs of the work performed.
  • Rating: The clients gave an average of 4.8 stars which is a pretty good rating, considering the 26 people who left feedback.
  • Reviewers:  The reviewers seemed genuine, as they gave a good, in-depth comment describing the work that had been performed and the ratings were in line with the comments.
  • Jobs Performed: Most of the clients had installations of some sort of block walls but there was also a good mix of stucco repair work, new installation of stucco, etc..
  • Pros: The majority of the customers were happy with the service provided, on time completion and the maintained relationships throughout the entire process. The reviews seemed positive for the most part, which is a positive point when forming an opinion about the business.
  • Cons: There were a few reviewers who did not find value in the projects and were thinking that they may have been over-charged for the work they had received.
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Complete List of Stucco Contractors That Serve The Las Vegas Area: (click to open)



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