A Basic Understanding Of Different Trowels

There are many different kinds of trowels that are used in the stucco process and each one is intended for a special purpose. Knowing which application each trowel is suited for can make the job much easier and can make all the difference in the world.

The square trowel:

This is the typical trowel used when applying base coats and some finish coats. It is rectangular in shape and has sharp corners when it is brand new. They come in may different sizes and are wider than finishing trowels that are used for finishing concrete surfaces.

Pool Trowels:

These are referred to as pool or swimming pool trowels and are made for curved, smooth surfaces. They are usually used in finish coats that require minimal lines and are smooth in appearance. These have rounded ends, in order to minimize the amount of lines that each stroke of the trowel makes.

Margin Trowels:

These are basically small square trowels attached to a handle that are used for a couple of different things. They fit in tight spots, where a larger trowel wouldn’t fit, like behind tubes, electrical connectors and plumbing fixtures. They are also great for mild scraping on corners and edges that need a little touch-up before the next coat of stucco is applied.

Pointer Trowels:

These are just like margin trowels but triangular in shape and are used when a traditional trowel or a margin trowel will not fit. These areas are typically found at the peaks of a gable and other triangular shaped sections of the building.

Notched Trowels:

These are mainly used in tile applications, but can be used as a scratcher or scarifier in the scratch phase of three coat stucco. These have a notched edge on two sides, usually the top and one of the longer edges of the trowel. They give the second coat a rough surface to stick to by leaving evenly spaced lines that resemble a “corn row” pattern.

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